November Birthstones Topaz and Citrine!

ring and earring set with november birthstones topaz and citrine

If you were born in the month of November then you have the honor of having both Topaz and Citrine as your birthstones! Topaz gemstones come in a variety of hues and Citrine is a warm yellow-orange hue that fits perfectly with the fall colors! Let’s learn more about these gorgeous November birthstones Topaz and […]

July Birthstone: The Ruby Gemstone!

oval red ruby gemstone on a red leaf

Whether you are a lucky one that was born in July or have a loved one who was, the stunning ruby gemstone is your birthstone to celebrate! Famed for its brilliant red hue, rubies have been around for thousands of years. Let’s learn more about this gorgeous gemstone and how it is best styled!   […]

May’s Birthstone: Emeralds!

May's birthstone the emerald gemstone on a black backdrop

The stunning gem designated for May’s birthstone is the emerald! With its springtime green hues, emeralds have adorned the necks of royalty for ages. Today we are diving deep into the origins of emeralds and how you can best wear these gorgeous gemstones today!    The First Emerald   The first known emeralds were discovered […]

Diamonds: The April Birthstone

brilliant cut diamond April birthstone on a gray background

The April birthstone is the ever-popular diamond! Diamond gemstones are timeless classics that have stood the test of time. Let’s learn more about the sparkling gems and how they came to be the April birthstone. The Origin of the April Birthstone It is not clear how each month received its birthstone designation but the tradition […]

The March Birthstone: Aquamarine

march birthstone the aquamarine and diamond ring on a woman's finger

Praised for its sparkle, luster, and brilliant blue color, the aquamarine gemstone is the birthstone for those born in March. It is also the gemstone to celebrate a 19th wedding anniversary. Whether a birthday, wedding, or an “I love you” gift, aquamarine is sure to be a valued addition to any jewelry collection.  Aquamarine Origins […]

February’s Birthstone: Amethyst

february birthstone amethyst gold ring surrounded by diamonds on a white background

February’s birthstone is the beautiful amethyst crystal! While the month of February can often be cold and dreary, amethyst brings so much life and vibrancy to the month! This particular jewel stands out among the rest with its deep purple color. It is rich with history and makes for some of the most stunning pieces […]

Opals in October

round opals set on a gorgeous ring

If you are looking for a new stone jewel that you can wear with just about anything, then opals are for you! Opal, primarily found in Australia, happens to be one of the October birthstones and makes for a beautiful addition to any jewelry collection. Thanks to its variety of colors, you can even find […]

September Sapphires

Sapphires surrounded by smaller diamonds on a ring

Sapphires are the stone of September and a beautiful one at that! Known mostly for their mesmerizing blue hue, they are one of four precious gemstones and have long been admired in the luxury jewelry market. These stones make an elegant and stunning alternative to their pricey diamond counterpart. Most people remember the sapphire as […]

Beautiful Birthstones in Custom Jewelry

emerald and diamond pendant on a silver chain

Jewelry can be a timeless treasure. Whether passed down from family members or given to you for a special occasion, there are many things that cause jewelry to hold a special place in your heart. Custom jewelry is even a greater possession, as it can be personalized to you and memorable things in your life. […]

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

bouquet of pink roses on a white background

Mother’s Day is almost here and you might be trying to find a last-minute gift. How do you decide on the perfect gift? Whether you are looking for your mom, a mother-to-be, your grandmother, aunt or just someone who is like a mother to you, a timeless keepsake is the perfect answer to your Mother’s […]