Opals in October

If you are looking for a new stone jewel that you can wear with just about anything, then opals are for you! Opal, primarily found in Australia, happens to be one of the October birthstones and makes for a beautiful addition to any jewelry collection. Thanks to its variety of colors, you can even find some opals that emulate shades of autumn. The October birthstone is unique from others because its color can be difficult to pinpoint, which makes it highly valued! 

What Makes Opal Unique?

Unlike months like July or March, whose birthstone is one solid color, October opals can reflect a wide array of colors. The most common type of opal, and the one you are probably most familiar with, is white opal. This kind has a milky white base color with a rainbow of pastel shades. Another type is black opal, which includes darker reflections of blue, gray, and green tones. The crystal opal is more transparent with a bright assortment of colors, while a fire opal is transparent with fiery gleams of red, orange, and yellow. Of all these varieties, opal with red hints against black is the rarest, while the white and blue versions are more common and less expensive. When set in jewelry, opals make for some of the most unique and beautiful pieces because of these attributes. 

Styling Your October Birthstone 

The beauty of the opal stone is that you can wear it with pretty much anything. Dress this jewel up for a formal occasion, or add it to a casual everyday outfit! You can find this stone in pretty much any form of jewelry, including rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and even anklets! Whatever it is, opal is sure to complement your look. 

This jewel is the perfect choice for someone looking to pull together the colors in their outfit. Because the October birthstone reflects multiple colors, you can rest assured this will go seamlessly with whatever color palette you have on. As you can see, opal is never a bad option! 

How to Care for and Clean Opals

Since opals’ unique play-of-light comes from refractions, even small or minor scratches can dramatically change the look and allure of the stone. Because of this, proper care and cleaning of your opal jewelry is a must. Due to the high concentration of water, opals are easily damaged even by sudden temperature changes. Over time, being exposed to these conditions could cause your October birthstone to crack and scratch. It is also important to note that you should be careful wearing your opal jewelry. The durability of the stone is low in comparison to others, so when you wear it and store it, keep that in mind and be extra delicate when handling it. You may even want to store it separately from other stones like diamonds or rubies, whose makeup is much harder. 

Before October ends, check out our selection of opal jewelry here at Isbell Jewelers, and gift this exquisite October birthstone to yourself or a friend!

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