Simple Tips for Mixing and Matching Jewelry

woman mixing and matching jewelry from her jewelry box on her dresser

You have chosen your outfit and now it’s time to style your jewelry. So many struggle with matching jewelry- not so much with your outfit but mixing and matching your jewelry together. Isbell Jewelers is here to help. Today we are sharing our best tips for mixing and matching jewelry that will help you feel […]

The Best Jewelry to Wear in Winter

a collage of winter clothing in white and neutrals with jewelry on a white background

The winter season is upon us, which means all the cozy and warm winter clothes! Wondering what is the best jewelry to wear in winter months? We are answering all your questions with Isbell’s winter jewelry style guide!   Consider Your  Winter Wardrobe Colors   Whether you realize it or not, fashion takes its color […]

Why We Wear Jewelry…

A woman's hands with rings and bracelets on them

Even as small children we make chains of daisies to adorn our necks or place as crowns upon our heads. There is something intuitive about wearing jewelry. Humans have been wearing gemstones and jewelry since before recorded history. Have you ever wondered why we wear jewelry? Today we will discuss cultural and emotional reasons why […]

9 Jewelry Gifts for Men

jewelry gifts for men sitting next to a white flower

If you are looking for inspiration for jewelry gifts for men in your life, you have come to the right place! Isbell Jewelers is not only a source for women’s fine jewelry, estate & vintage jewelry, and custom-designed jewelry, but also a place to find the perfect men’s jewelry! We have put together this list […]

Isbell’s Holiday Gift Guide

hands exchanging jewelry gifts with a christmas themed table in the background

Shopping for the perfect gift for loved ones can be difficult but we are here to help! We have put together Isbell’s Holiday Gift Guide to help you find the perfect jewelry for your special someone this season! This guide includes everything from the trending jewelry this year to the classic jewelry staples everyone should […]

8 Ways to Update Your Wedding Ring

two diamond wedding rings sit near flowers

Have you been thinking about updating your wedding ring? Celebrating a significant anniversary, the renewal of wedding vows, updating style preferences, and having greater financial abilities are all valid reasons for choosing to update your wedding ring but in truth, you don’t really have to have a reason to do it!  The professionals at Isbell […]

New Mom Jewelry Gift Ideas

a mother is leaning over her baby holding his hands wearing her new mom jewelry gifted to her

It is such a joyous occasion when a baby is born! Many spouses, family, and friends want to commemorate the birth with a gift for the mother. Jewelry is a perfect gift to celebrate the arrival of a new life! Today we are sharing some new mom jewelry gift ideas to help you choose a […]

2022 Fall Jewelry Trends

woman wearing gold chain necklace and thin gold pendant necklace with a white button up top as part of the 2022 Fall Jewelry Trends

Beautiful fine jewelry never goes out of style but simply moves out of rotation. This statement holds true with the 2022 Fall Jewelry Trends also. The fashion world has brought back the beautiful golds, pearls, and estate statement jewelry on the runways that were trending in season’s past. Let’s take a look at these trends […]

6 Reasons to Buy Antique and Estate Jewelry

an antique necklace in gold sits on a wooden table

Since the beginning, men and women have enjoyed adorning themselves with jewelry. They used whatever materials were available to them. It comes as no surprise that antique and estate jewelry are popular today because of the connection they bring. Their beauty is timeless no matter their age. Perhaps your jewelry box is lacking the uniqueness […]

Isbell’s Favorite Sapphire Jewelry

A blue sapphire ring

Stunning blue sapphires are the birthstone for September and also the 5th and 75th-anniversary gemstones. These dazzling gemstones can be worn any time of year and are favorites here at Isbell Jewelers! Today’s blog is highlighting our favorite sapphire jewelry and the best ways to wear it!  Blue Sapphire Jewelry and Choice of Metal The […]