The Best Ways to Wear Emerald Jewelry

emerald jewelry laid over a maroon cloth

Emeralds are jaw-dropping with their luscious green tones and the beautiful springtime new growth draws us to add them to our outfits. What are the best ways to wear emerald jewelry? Today’s blog post will empower you to add emerald jewelry to any outfit from a casual day out to a formal evening event.  Emerald […]

Jewelry for the Beach or Pool

jewelry for the beach laid alongside a bikini, hat, and sunglasses

While many may choose to forego jewelry altogether while soaking up the sun beachside or poolside, we know that you don’t have to sacrifice style while having outdoor fun! In today’s blog, we are discussing which jewelry will best complement your swimwear, the best practices for wearing jewelry at the beach or pool, and hazards […]

5 Tips for Storing Your Jewelry

Jewelry displayed in compartments as a way of storing your jewelry

Storing your jewelry properly is one of the easiest and most efficient ways to make sure you get the most out of your collection. It keeps your jewelry ready to wear and in good condition, and it allows you to easily access your collection so you can pick out the perfect jewelry to pair with […]

Beautiful Cross Necklaces

a gold cross necklace draped around a woman's neck

Beautiful cross necklaces are trending this year in the fashion industry in many varieties. Let’s take a look at the best ways to wear cross necklaces and the endless possibilities for this iconic pendant!   Embrace the Emotional Pieces   Wearing meaningful and emotional jewelry is trending this year. People want to feel a connection […]

Guide to the 5-Step Custom Jewelry Process

A diamond ring displayed on a snapdragon flower that is part of our Custom Jewelry Process

Did you know that here at Isbell Jewelers, we have a special custom jewelry process? That means we can create (or recreate) anything you can imagine, from repurposed antique right-hand rings to new pendants that are made to look vintage. Here’s a look at the custom jewelry process and what you can expect when you’re […]

Looking Ahead: Spring 2022 Jewelry Trends

pink orchid flower next to strings of pearls as part of 2022 spring jewelry trends

According to Vogue, most of the jewelry trends we’ve seen so far in 2022 have been playful and personalized in response to a world that can feel too serious or cold at times. We’ll see that same playful feeling continue through a number of different Spring 2022 jewelry trends.    Colorful Gemstones   Show your […]

What Gemstones Go Well Together: Popular Gemstone Combinations

closeup shot of a ring with pink sapphire and small diamonds

We love to custom design jewelry for our customers! One of the questions often asked is “What gemstones go well together?” Whether you are redesigning out-of-date jewelry, updating your wedding rings, or starting from the beginning to create jewelry for a special occasion, we can guide you through the entire process.    When designing jewelry […]

8 Unique Jewelry Designs for Valentine’s Day

red roses next to a wrapped jewelry gift for Valentine's Day on a rough black background

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! It’s time to secure a gift for that special someone in your life. Jewelry is the ultimate token of affection and it’s the perfect way to show your Valentine how you really feel about them. Here are a few unique jewelry designs for Valentine’s Day to inspire your […]

4 Benefits of Selling Gold Jewelry

wooden jewelry box filled with old gold rings and other old gold jewelry

Many of you may have considered selling the gold jewelry that you no longer wear or that’s broken but stopped short of actually doing it. In today’s blog post, we are highlighting the benefits of selling gold jewelry and how simple the process actually is!    What Jewelry Can be Sold?   Outdated styles of […]

10 Ideas for A Christmas Proposal!

woman being proposed to with an engagement ring next to a Christmas tree on Christmas

Are you planning to pop the question this Christmas season? We want to help! Be inspired to make your proposal unique, memorable, and exciting with these 10 ideas for a Christmas proposal!    First Choose Your Ring!   If you have paid attention to the hints your fiance-to-be has been dropping then you may already […]