Fabulous Canary Yellow Diamonds!

A canary yellow diamond ring on a white background

Canary yellow diamonds, also known simply as “yellow diamonds,” are a type of colored diamond with a distinctive bright yellow hue. They range in color from a light cape yellow to a rich sunny yellow. There are no official defining characteristics that separate a “canary diamond” from a “yellow diamond.” Both terms can be used […]

Game Day Jewelry Styles & Tips

Girl holding football wearing her game day jewelry while friends are smiling in the background

It’s football season in the South! Whether you are attending a game in person, tailgating, or cheering on your favorite team from home, we love to dress in team colors. Today we are sharing game day jewelry styles and tips for choosing jewelry to show our team spirit!    Gemstones in Your Team Colors Start […]

Insuring Your Fine Jewelry

an emerald pendant necklace with diamond embellishments

The 4 C’s of diamonds are a way of evaluating a diamond’s value. What many forget in the excitement of choosing fine jewelry is the unofficial 5th C- “Coverage.” It only makes sense to protect your investments by insuring them. Let’s look at the details of insuring your fine jewelry and some of the most […]

Isbell Jewelers’ Common Jewelry Terms Defined

A jeweler showing a gold diamond necklace to a customer and explaining common jewelry terms.

Many love the beauty and elegance of jewelry but don’t understand the terms used in descriptions. The jewelers at Isbell have put together a list of the industry’s most common jewelry terms with simple definitions to help! This list is in categories based on metals, gemstones, setting and mechanics, and historical descriptions and jewelry styles […]

The Beauty of Colored Gemstones: Beyond Diamonds

Colored gemstones arranged on a white table

Mother Nature has gifted us with over 300 colored gemstones. It is amazing that a combination of heat, pressure, time, and specific minerals yield such bright, beautiful, and sparkling colors. Today we are highlighting the beauty of colored gemstones, their best cuts, and jewelry styles! Colored gemstones are known as “varieties” in the gemological world. […]

Creating a Capsule Jewelry Collection: Essential Jewelry Every Woman Needs

A collection of pearl necklaces, rings and gold chains as part of a capsule jewelry collection

In a world with so many choices, making decisions can be overwhelming. When it comes to choosing clothes and accessories each day, it can be even more overwhelming. Many have turned to creating capsule wardrobes. A capsule wardrobe is a collection of clothing you love that can be mixed and matched for almost any occasion. […]

Casual Carats: Diamond Silicone Wedding Bands and More!

woman's hand over the grip of a golf club wearing a white Casual Carats diamond silicone ring

Isbell Jewelers is excited to debut “Casual Carats”- a line of diamond silicone wedding bands and other elevated silicone rings. Silicone rings have grown in popularity but not in style…until now! The Casual Carats line changes that! You can now own a silicone wedding band that is durable AND beautiful!  Many find that wearing their […]

Stylish Summer Jewelry Trends of 2023

Woman smiling at the beach wearing a wide brimmed hat wearing summer jewelry

The beautiful summer days are upon us and hopefully, you are taking advantage of the extra daylight hours and warm temperatures. Stay stylish this summer by sporting the summer jewelry trends of 2023! They are all about the beauty of the beach and nature, long statement earrings, lovely layering, and a fun upstyle to an […]

Bridal Jewelry Styles: Choosing Jewelry for Your Wedding Day

woman at bridal salon trying on her dress and choosing her bridal jewelry style

You have said yes to the dress…now it is time to choose your wedding jewelry. Your engagement ring and wedding band are decided, but when choosing jewelry for your wedding day, the jewelry should be special to you and pull your entire bridal look together. To help you find the perfect look, let’s examine bridal […]

7 Mother’s Day Jewelry Gifts Sure to Make Her Smile!

yellow tulips and a jewelry box sit on a table with a mother and daughter opening a Mother's Day card in the background

Let us help take the stress out of shopping for Mother’s Day jewelry with our curated list of jewelry gifts sure to make her smile. These jewelry suggestions are perfect for your mother, your spouse, your mother-in-law, or that special woman who has been a mother figure in your life. Show her how special she […]