A White Christmas with Snowy White Gemstones!

Although we don’t see snow too often in Alabama there is something about the white enchanting snowy days of Christmas! Bring the shimmer and shine of a white Christmas by styling your jewelry with sparkling white gemstones! Today we are sharing our favorite snowy white gemstones and the best ways to style them this winter season! 


The Sparkle of Diamonds

Diamonds are technically a colorless gemstone but they must be included on our list of snowy white gemstones simply because of their sparkle and shine. Choose a statement diamond necklace for your holiday parties and style it with a solid satin or velvet top or dress to create the perfect winter holiday look! Dangling diamond pendant earrings remind us of the beautiful ice crystals forming this time of year and their sparkle will bring just the right amount of attention to your face. 

For the most sparkle choose diamond jewelry with several smaller stones together or a larger diamond with a diamond surround. The brilliance will catch all the beautiful Christmas lights and sparkle and shine the most! 

A diamond ring in the shape of a snowflake set among flowers

A diamond ring in a green velvet box under an evergreen branch



The Iridescence of Opals

Opals are gorgeous white gemstones perfect for a winter look. These gemstones are formed over the years as water passes through the sedimentary stone leaving deposits as it flows. These deposits give opals their characteristic “fire” or “play of colors.” The whiter opals can have an iridescent glow that mimics the beautiful reflection of light on a snowy day. 

Opals are the birthstone of October and make a wonderful gift. Since opals are formed from sedimentary rock, they have a low rating on the hardness scale. Special care must be taken and while opals can be worn in rings with the right protective setting, they are better worn as pendants, earrings, or bracelets. 

Opals look great with yellow or white metals. For an icy cool wintery look, pair opals with white gold or silver. For a warmer winter look, pair them with yellow gold. 

Opal tear drop shaped earrings with a green plant background

A variety of opal gemstone rings set on a mossy background



The Organic Beauty of Pearls 

The soft white organic round shape of pearls reminds us of snowfall and snowballs this time of year! No matter the event, pearl jewelry is a timeless and elegant choice to wear. A simple pearl drop necklace over your comfy holiday sweater is perfect for celebrating this season. For some extra winter sparkle, pair your pearl jewelry with diamonds, or choose jewelry that includes both pearls and diamonds together. 

Pearl jewelry is a timeless look and easy to style. For extra contrast, pair white pearls with black, or for a soft sophisticated look, choose a monochrome winter white sweater with an elegant strand of pearls. 

A pair of diamond earrings with Pearls at the bottom

A pearl necklace with an antique diamond brooch set on a background red poinsettia flowers



White Sapphire as Snowy White Gemstones

Sapphire gemstones come in a variety of colors due to trace elements in their composition. There are also colorless sapphires known as white sapphires. Similar to diamonds in appearance, the biggest difference is that sapphires are made of corundum, and diamonds are made of carbon. White sapphires have become a popular choice for engagement rings. Diamonds will always have more sparkle (brilliance) than white sapphires but a white sapphire is a beautiful choice if you want to mimic the look of a snowy winter’s day! White Sapphire gemstones give a slightly more opaque white look than a diamond. 

A snowy white gemstone ring of white topaz in a white gold setting

A white sapphire ring with tiny blue sapphires surrounding it in a blue ring box



White Topaz for a Winter Look

Similar to a white sapphire, a white topaz gemstone is a colorless topaz. White topaz is translucent and another popular substitute for diamonds. While a white topaz gemstone will not sparkle like a diamond because of its refractive index, it is almost as hard as a diamond making it a very durable stone for everyday wear. White topaz jewelry is another great choice if you want to create a snowy winter nod in our accessories. 

A white topaz gemstone ring sitting on a mirror

A white topaz gemstone on a black background



Create Your Perfect Winter Look With Isbell Jewelers

As the holidays draw near and winter days get colder, let the professional jewelers at Isbell Jewelers help you find the perfect snowy white gemstones for your collection. We carry a large selection of fine jewelry, estate, and heirloom jewelry, and are Birmingham’s Leader in custom jewelry design. Let us help you find the perfect gemstones to display your love for the beautiful winter season!

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