Obsessed with Oval Gemstones!

Oh the beauty of oval gemstones! There is something about the simple elegance of the oval shape that we just fall in love with! It has a stunning beauty but also a sense of grounding. Let’s explore the most popular oval cut gemstones, how they are styled, and much more! 

4 diamond oval gemstone rings arranged on a green plant


The Oval Gemstone Cut

The oval gemstone cut most likely began shortly before the Renaissance period in Europe. Lapidaries, people who cut, shape, and polish gemstones, became very advanced with their techniques during this time. The oval gemstone cut was born from a variation of the round brilliant cut. Oval cuts became very popular during the Renaissance period because they offer a balance between the sparkle of a round cut and the elegance of other fancy cuts. 

One of the most famous oval gemstones is the Hope Diamond. It has a stunning blue color and rich history. It weighs an amazing 45.52 carats and is often displayed at the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.C. 


Our Favorite Oval Gemstones!

While almost any gemstone can be cut into an oval shape, there are some gems that really stand out as ovals. Here are the most popular gemstones cut into oval shapes today:



Diamonds are classic choices for oval cuts. Their brilliance and fire can be showcased beautifully in an oval shape, making them highly sought after for engagement rings and other jewelry. The 3 stone oval cut engagement ring shown below will take her breath away! 

a 3 stone oval diamond engagement ring


We love the elegance and beauty of this oval shaped diamond eternity band. It could be worn alone for a minimal look or part of a set for extra sparkle!

Oval diamond eternity band ring displayed on a green stem


We are definitely obsessed with this 6 carat fancy oval cut yellow diamond ring. Custom designed by us, it is set in 18 K yellow gold and surrounded by smaller white diamonds!

A large oval shaped canary yellow diamond ring surrounded by white diamonds


Oval shaped diamonds are not just for rings! Pictured below is a stunning oval diamond pendant that was brought in by a customer. We custom designed the earrings to create a beautiful set!

An oval diamond pendant necklace with matching oval diamond earrings on a brown background




Rubies are a variety of corundum and are highly durable. They look stunning in oval cuts, showing off  their rich red color and brilliance with an elegant air. Below is a gorgeous oval ruby pendant with halo diamonds. We love the contrast of the red of the ruby with the bright sparkle of the diamonds. This oval ruby necklace would be a perfect 30th wedding anniversary gemstone gift!

An oval ruby center stone surrounded by diamonds in a pendant necklace


The sparkle of the diamonds in the halo and band in the ring below are perfectly grounded by the rich red hue of the oval ruby!

A red ruby gemstone ring surrounded by white diamonds



Emeralds are typically associated with rectangular or square cuts but they can also be cut into beautiful oval shapes. This cut can help minimize the appearance of inclusions, which are common in emeralds, while still showing off the stone’s vibrant green hue. Oval cut emeralds bring a sense of royalty and elegance to any outfit. 

A large oval emerald pendant necklace on a white background

Emerald gemstones are beautiful with both cool toned metals or with warm toned metals like yellow gold in the ring below. 

An emerald oval gemstone ring in yellow gold



Amethyst gemstones are absolutely lovely when cut into an oval shape! A smaller carat weight of amethyst will also look larger when cut as an oval. The amethyst ring shown below is a vintage oval set in 14k gold. It is a bold and beautiful statement ring and is eye-catching on anyone who wears it! 

An oval cut amethyst statement ring on a woman's hand over her purple blouse


Lovely ovals all in a row! Below is a sweet and feminine ensemble of an oval cut amethyst center stone with oval shaped pink sapphires on each side. Simply beautiful!

An amethyst oval gemstone ring with pink sapphire oval gemstones on each side



Sapphires, especially blue ones, are commonly cut into oval shapes. They have excellent hardness and come in various colors, including pink, yellow, and peach, offering versatility in design. With all the beautiful color combinations, you can never go wrong with an oval cut sapphire!

The ring featured below is an art deco inspired ring with 3 oval shaped blue sapphires surrounded by diamonds!

art deco blue sapphire ring with diamonds sitting next to an antique brush


The bold beautiful blue hue contrasts so strongly with the diamonds surrounding the ring below. This ring definitely has us obsessed with oval gemstones!A large oval blue sapphire ring with diamond next to a white flower



Aquamarine’s pale blue color looks particularly elegant in an oval cut. Its clarity and brilliance are showcased well in this shape, making it a popular choice for cocktail rings and other jewelry.

An Aquamaring gemstone ring with diamonds


This stunning antique aquamarine brooch features a stately and elegant oval aquamarine gemstone in the center.

Antique brooch with a large aquamarine oval gemstone in the center


Isbell Jewelers is Your Source for Oval Gemstones!

It is so easy to become obsessed with oval gemstones! Our jewelers at Isbell have over 40 years experience and we know a beautiful thing when we see it. Stop by our showroom to browse our ever growing collection of antique, vintage, and estate jewelry or let us custom design the oval gemstone of your dreams! 




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