Custom Jewelry

Custom Jewelry 1

Custom Jewelry

Have a special event coming up? Are you dreaming of wearing bespoke jewelry that’s unique to you? Isbell Jewelers can help with custom designs for any occasion!

From designing custom engagement rings to creating new masterpieces from outdated antique and vintage jewelry, we can craft just about anything here at Isbell Jewelers. Bring in your ideas or let us help you decide what inspires you! We’ll walk you through the process step-by-step. 

depiction of the process of creating a custom jewelry design at isbell jewelers

Isbell Jewelers' Custom Jewelry Design Process:

  1. You visit our showroom with your old jewelry or a new idea. 
  2. We’ll take your vision and an artist will hand-sketch a custom design.
  3. We’ll input the information from the sketch into our CAD system and mold a wax replica.
  4. We’ll cast your new jewelry.
  5. You can come to the showroom and pick up your beautiful new jewelry!