Beautiful Birthstones in Custom Jewelry

Jewelry can be a timeless treasure. Whether passed down from family members or given to you for a special occasion, there are many things that cause jewelry to hold a special place in your heart.

Custom jewelry is even a greater possession, as it can be personalized to you and memorable things in your life. Whether it be the design you choose, or the jewels included, each choice makes it precious in its own way.

One of the most special jewelry items are those that hold familial ties. You don’t have to find an heirloom to have a prized possession reminding you of your loved ones! One of the best ways to customize your jewelry is by adding in aspects that remind you of those you hold dear. Birthstones are one of the best ways to add memories of your family into your piece!

For your children, spouse, those you wish to always remember, or those that you just are grateful to have in your life – they all have a special stone that represents them! There is at least one stone for each month of the year. Several of the months have a variety of jewels, as some are more common than others.

Designing your Custom Jewelry

You will first need to decide how many birthstones you want to include. If you are only planning on incorporating one, there are plenty of ways to add it into your custom piece. Use it as the main stone on a ring or pendant necklace. Or, if you don’t want it to be the most prominent jewel, add it in as an accent. Scattered around in earrings or a bracelet are good ways to subtly incorporate the stone.

Custom Jewelry Passed Down 

Maybe you are wanting to include multiple birthstones for multiple people, like your children or grandchildren. Some options would be to do a necklace with a jewel for each person linked together. Some might join them together in a heart or another similar shape. Bracelets are also a good option for multiple jewels to be included. Connected by a chain the jewels can join together to lay beautifully on the wrist. Each jewel can be beautifully displayed in a tasteful way that you will enjoy showing off to all!

The options are endless! At Isbell our experts are ready and willing to help you dream up a piece that you will cherish for years to come. Come in today and let’s get started!

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