Gold vs. Silver

If you had to choose between gold vs. silver, which would you be most like to choose? Most people have a preference for which they are more drawn to, some however aren’t sure which to choose.

Have you ever wondered which color metal would complement your skin tone or eye coloring better? Did you know there are certain rules to follow when trying to decide between gold and silver? What if you don’t choose either or, but instead wear both? We’re here to answer some of these questions for you!

 Skin Coloring for Gold and Silver

 We all have different hues to our skin to make it look the way that it does. Skin coloring has traditionally been a determining factor in choosing the color of metal to wear, as certain colors look better with others. Whether you have warmer or cooler skin tones helps to determine which color metal will look better on you. Though these aren’t the be all end all of jewelry choices, it’s a good place to get started.

Skin Tones vs Skin Coloring

 Skin tone should not be equated with skin coloring, as they are two different things and aren’t always what they might seem to be. Pale skinned people could still have a warm skin tone, as well as those that are dark-skinned could still have cool skin tones.

Some people don’t fall into one or the other category but instead, balance in the middle. These people typically have olive to ebony skin tones and can wear both silver and gold without one necessarily looking better than the other against their skin. If you are one of these people, consider yourself lucky!

Warm Skin Tones

An easy way to tell the skin tone that you lean towards is by looking at the veins in your wrist, as well as your hair and eye color. Warm skin tones typically have wrist veins that look to be brown or green. These people also have skin that tans easily. Their hair color tends to be darker- like brown or black.

 Cool Skin Tones

 Cooler skin tones have blue or purple veins in their wrists. They are more likely to get sunburnt and have lighter color haired, like blonde.

While this is a starting point for choosing your jewelry, it doesn’t have to be the sole deciding factor. You can also consider the occasion, the personality, and the type of jewelry that you are choosing. All of these factors, including skin tone, can play into helping you choose your perfect gold or silver item to add to your outfit!

If you need help picking out the next thing to add to your collection, stop by Isbell or give us a call. We have several silver and gold options to choose from. We would love to help you make the decision for what will work best for you!


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