Tips for the Perfect Summer Proposal

A proposal is one of the most memorable moments of a couple’s life, so you want to make sure everything about it is special. Summer proposals are some of the best proposals, especially for couples who love travel, the beach or the outdoors. Here are a few things to consider when you’re coming up with the plans for your big moment:

Take Advantage of the Outdoors

There are so many options for summer proposals! If you are an adventurous couple, consider incorporating the proposal into something fun that you guys like to do together. However, you also want to consider just how adventurous you want to get with a ring in your pocket! Maybe don’t choose to pop the question while rafting down a river where the ring could easily be swept away in the current. A nice hike might do just the trick, instead!

If you like the idea of outdoors, but would prefer a more romantic scene, taking to sandy beaches is always a good option. Choose a sunset lookout or a romantic picnic in the park. There are so many options to make the day memorable for years to come!

Be Aware of the Weather

While there are many beautiful ways to do summer proposals, make sure you check the weather before the plans are set in stone. If you choose to propose outside, consider how hot it will be and how long you will have to be out in the heat. Try planning the proposal first thing in the morning, or later in the evening to avoid the sun at mid-day.

Choose Your Proposal Location Wisely

You want to make sure that the location of your summer proposal is special! Think carefully about where you will get down one knee and plan accordingly. Will you set up any type of scene, or will nature be your backdrop? If you will be near water and there is a possibility of getting wet, make sure to bring along towels or a blanket to place on the ground so that you don’t have to kneel on wet ground, if that’s something you are trying to avoid.

A Summer proposal can also run into the issue of crowds. If you plan to propose in a public place, like the lakeside, a park, or a beach front then you might run in to the issue of unwanted guests being present. When considering this, maybe try to think of times those places will be less busy. Another option would be to scope out the location several days in advanced in order to find a quieter spot to go to.

Overall, you know your partner best! If you think she would enjoy a romantic walk on the beach to a blanket of rose petals, take that route. If she’s more adventurous, try something a little more fun! While planning the proposal you don’t want to forget the most important part – THE RING! We have many options for engagement rings in our gallery that we would love to show you. Give us a call or stop by the shop to see some yourself!

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