Custom Jewelry From Local Artisans

In today’s world of fast fashion, fast consumption, and mass production, there are still artisans creating beautiful custom jewelry. A hub of artistic jewelers is located just one mile from I-459 in Inverness. They are ready to create something timeless, elegant, and classic just for you.

Since 1902, Isbell Jewelers has been designing custom jewelry. They also repair broken or damaged pieces and restore family heirlooms to their former glory. As a family-owned and operated business, Isbell Jewelers is able to do all of their work in-house. This enables them to make sure that every design, engraving, or restoration is done with honesty and integrity.

Crafting Custom Jewelry

The motivation behind everything Isbell Jewelers does is the value of crafting custom jewelry. They do it in a way that perfectly reflects the intent of gift-givers or the personal style of the individual.

“I’m passionate about jewelry. For me, it’s like a kid working in a candy store,” said co-owner Suzy Isbell. Part of the joy of her job is the opportunity that Isbell gets to interact with customers that come into the store.

“We are fortunate to get the chance to experience the special moments in our customers’ lives: birthdays, engagements, anniversaries. The best part is helping a guy pick out (or design) the perfect engagement ring,” she said.

The Design Process

The design process of Isbell Jewelers is one of the many things that sets them apart from other jewelers in the area. Isbell Jewelers specializes in creating unique designs from scratch. From engagement rings to modifying outdated jewelry into something new, they create one-of-a-kind masterpieces.

The design and crafting team can start with an old piece of jewelry that has become outdated and turns it into something truly magnificent. They can also take your fresh new idea and create a masterpiece. All the customer needs to bring is their old jewelry or a new idea. From there, the artwork begins. The team creates an artistic rendering of your new jewelry that matches your preferences and style.

Most jewelry designers send their pieces to another location to be finalized. Isbell does it all themselves to ensure that every detail is perfect.

Once the new design has been approved, the team creates a wax molding of the new piece before it is cast in your choice of precious metal. The results are breathtaking.

In addition to creating wonderful custom pieces, Isbell Jewelers also has in store a large selection of vintage and estate jewelry. Isbell Jewelers also buys jewelry, diamonds, gold, and silver.

If you are in need of a special piece for that special someone or want a piece of jewelry to reflect your personal style, contact us!

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