6 Reasons to Buy Antique and Estate Jewelry

Since the beginning, men and women have enjoyed adorning themselves with jewelry. They used whatever materials were available to them. It comes as no surprise that antique and estate jewelry are popular today because of the connection they bring. Their beauty is timeless no matter their age. Perhaps your jewelry box is lacking the uniqueness of antique jewelry- it is time to change that! Today we are sharing 6 reasons to buy antique and estate jewelry! 


Antique and Estate Jewelry Have Superb Quality and Workmanship


Antique jewelry and often estate jewelry have been passed down from generation to generation. The fact that the jewelry has lasted so long and aged so well is a testament to the superior workmanship of the jeweler and the quality of the materials the jewelry was made from. When you buy antique and estate jewelry, you know that as long as it is well cared for then it will continue to hold strong for many more years to come. 


The details in antique jewelry are exquisite and like no other modern jewelry. You can see the love and care that was poured into its creation!


(If you happen to find or own broken vintage or estate jewelry and wish to have it repaired, you can trust the jewelers at Isbell to repair your jewelry with the utmost quality, care, and respect!)


Excellent Value and Investment


Because of the superb quality and workmanship mentioned above, when you buy antique and estate jewelry, you are doing more than making a purchase, you are making an investment. Antique and estate jewelry hold its value more often than not and that value will only increase with time. The materials used are naturally designed to last and there is no compromise in the beauty of each item. Antique and estate jewelry are cherished and prized by its owners no matter the decade. 


Antique & Estate Jewelry is Sustainable


When you buy antique & estate jewelry, you are conserving rather than consuming resources. In today’s world, conserving the earth’s resources, like our precious metals and gemstones, is a high priority. You can feel great wearing jewelry that was created so many years ago through ethical practices and look stylish while doing so! 


Antique & Estate Jewelry Tells a Story


Oh, what story lies behind that beautiful diamond ring, that sapphire pendant, or the ruby earrings? Was it a gift in honor of a marriage? Was it worn to a stately affair? The history and story behind antique & estate jewelry give a bit of mystery that adds to the drama of wearing it. Everyone loves to feel that they are part of something bigger and when you buy antique and estate jewelry you are continuing the story! 


Unique Designs 


Jewelry created in the past centuries was never mass-produced. Finding an identical match of an antique ring, pendant, or brooch is nearly impossible. Not only was the jewelry of yester-year not mass produced but it was also not available to the masses making it all the more unique, rare, and valuable. If you want a truly eye-catching, stand-out-from-the-crowd look, make your antique and estate jewelry a staple in your jewelry collection. 


Authentic Period Jewelry


In today’s day and age, you can easily search and find new jewelry designed in a style of an older time period. While this jewelry is beautiful there is something, be it ever so small, that reveals its young age. Antique jewelry was created in that time period and nothing is more authentic than that! The fact that it was made using the crafting technology of that day along with the materials from that time period makes it all the more special.


Isbell Jewelers: Your Source for Antique and Estate Jewelry


When you buy antique and estate jewelry, you are most likely to be buying from a small business, and from our jewelers at Isbell, we have to say a big “thank you!” for doing so! One of our passions here at Isbell Jewelers is antique and estate jewelry! We pride ourselves on finding quality and exquisite antique rings, earrings, pendants, brooches, and necklaces! Do you have any antique jewelry in your collection? We would love to help you find beautiful antique or vintage jewelry to add to your collection. Stop by our showroom to browse our large collection and find the jewelry that speaks to you!

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