2022 Fall Jewelry Trends

Beautiful fine jewelry never goes out of style but simply moves out of rotation. This statement holds true with the 2022 Fall Jewelry Trends also. The fashion world has brought back the beautiful golds, pearls, and estate statement jewelry on the runways that were trending in season’s past. Let’s take a look at these trends and how you can style them this season!


2022 Fall Jewelry Trends Focus on the Neckline, Fun Eye-Catching Chains, Pearls, and a pop of fun Color!


As models walked the runways the focus was drawn to necklines and wrists during this fashion season. There is a lean towards visually heavy and chunkier jewelry that can easily be styled into your everyday outfits!


Fall Trend #1: Long-Layered Necklaces


Layer your longer necklaces to create a slightly heavier chunkier effect. Vary the lengths and don’t be afraid to wear multiple pendants. All the metals are in fashion but keep the metal color choice consistent when you layer your necklaces. You can start with a choker or shorter pendant and increase in size and length as you layer. Pendants can be included like a lovely cross or gemstone. 


The long-layered necklace trend pairs well with a V-neck top and cardigan or light jacket. This is perfect for the cooler fall weather! Longer necklaces are also easily visible over a cozy fall sweater!


Fall Trend #2: Shorter Chain Necklaces


If you are not a fan of layering your necklaces, don’t stress! Shorter chain necklaces are trending this fall season also. Yellow gold chain chokers or shorter paperclip chain necklaces will have you looking fabulous as you sip your cider and fall festivities! The key to the 2022 fall jewelry trends with shorter necklaces? The chunkier the necklace the better! Make a statement with bold yellow-gold chain necklaces that fall right above your collarbones. Layer them for a more dramatic look! 


Fall Trend #3: Pendant Necklaces with Vintage Flair


Layered necklaces with vintage-inspired pendants will be in style this fall. Ornate crosses and other geometric style pendants with each necklace slightly longer than the other is the most visually appealing trending style. As the layered necklaces, each gain length the pendants are each framed by the previous necklace. 


To simplify this look, try adding a vintage or antique pendant paired with one other necklace of a varying length. Pull your vintage and antique necklaces from your jewelry box or stop by Isbell to find a vintage necklace that speaks to you from our unique collection!


Fall Trend #4: Stacked Bangle Bracelets


Stacked Bangle bracelets are a great way to stay in style this fall season. You may choose to do a stack of metal bangles, a leather and pearl combination, or fun bold colors to pull in the eclectic trend. The visual weight of stacked bangles pairs nicely with the long sleeves and sweaters of the fall season. 


Fall Trend #5:Charm Bracelets and Necklaces


Following the theme of pendant necklaces, is the playful love for charm bracelets and necklaces. Whether dainty or large, charm bracelets graced the arms of many runway models. Since many charm bracelets and charm necklaces are sentimental to their owner, this is a great fall jewelry trend to show your personality and have a little fun! 


Fall Trend #6: Bold Color with an Eclectic Play


In the midst of the bold chunky chain metal jewelry trends, is a blend of bold colors with eclectic designs. Nodding to the art deco jewelry period, these fun bracelets and rings are meant to accent an outfit with a pop of color with a retro vibe. This fall jewelry trend could be applied to a fun pair of geometric earrings, thick brightly colored bracelets, or a fun attention-grabbing right-hand ring. 


Fall Trend #7: Pearls


The elegant shine of pearl jewelry is a beautiful 2022 fall jewelry trend! Layered strands of pearls or delicate pearl pendant earrings are great ways to incorporate this trend into your everyday wear. Pearls can dress up a casual outfit or send more formal attire to the next level of grace. Pearls come in a variety of colors and styles and are economically sustainable making them a great addition to your jewelry collection!


Let Isbell Jewelers Style You This Fall! 


Stop by our showroom to browse our collection of trending chain necklaces, pearl jewelry, art deco and vintage jewelry, and charm and bangle bracelets! Searching for a gift? We can help you find the perfect necklace, earrings, bracelets, or rings for your special someone! 

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