Beautiful Cross Necklaces

Beautiful cross necklaces are trending this year in the fashion industry in many varieties. Let’s take a look at the best ways to wear cross necklaces and the endless possibilities for this iconic pendant!


Embrace the Emotional Pieces


Wearing meaningful and emotional jewelry is trending this year. People want to feel a connection and empowerment with their fashion. Cross necklaces are a wonderful way to display that emotional connection. For Christians, the cross represents the death and resurrection of Jesus which is celebrated on Easter. For others, a cross is associated with peace, happiness, and beauty. No matter the initial choice for wearing cross necklaces, there is a deep beauty and meaning behind it that resonates with the wearer and others. 


Choosing a Metal for Cross Necklaces


Fashionistas are choosing a wide range of metals to showcase their cross necklaces. You can choose to go with a bold gold cross necklace or you can choose a smaller, daintier cross and layer it with other necklaces. Silver and white gold metals are also popular choices or you can choose to pair gold and silver metals together and still be in style. Remember different necklace lengths highlight different areas of the neck. When putting together a special outfit to show off your cross necklace, use our guide “The Right Necklace for Every Neckline” to help you make the most flattering choices. 


The Perfect Gemstones for Cross Necklaces


If you would like to add some sparkle to your cross necklace, consider choosing one with gemstones! Diamonds are always a popular choice and create a timeless and elegant look. We have linked one gorgeous example below!  Another popular gemstone choice for cross necklaces is to incorporate birthstones into the design. This could be your birthstone, the birthstones of your children, or a combination. As we mentioned before, emotional significance to our jewelry plays a large role in today’s fashion trends and birthstone crosses are a wonderful way to display that! 


If you are looking for a special birthday gift in the next couple of months, a cross necklace using April’s birthstone – diamonds, or May’s birthstone – emeralds, would be a wonderful gift! 

diamond pendant cross necklace on a silver chain
A 14k white gold cross necklace with 1.71 ct diamond


Choosing the Style of the Cross Pendant


Both the simple sophisticated and the bold ornate cross pendants are trending now. If you like the ornate vintage-style cross pendants, consider choosing an estate cross necklace. These crosses show much detail with different shapes for the ends of the cross and often contain gemstone embellishments. 


If you prefer a modern twist on your cross pendant, consider a sideways cross. This means that the top and bottom ends of the cross are attached to the chain rather than the center as in traditional crosses. The sideways cross pendant comes in a variety of metals and may have gemstone additions to it. It is a beautiful modern twist on this classic pendant style. 


Custom Designed Cross Necklaces


We are Birmingham’s leader in custom jewelry design and we love to design stunning one-of-a-kind cross necklaces. If you have a vision already in mind, we can bring that vision to life. If you don’t, our jewelry experts can help you design a cross that you truly love and speaks for you! You can learn more about our custom jewelry design in our Guide to the 5 Step Custom Jewelry Process.


Isbell Jewelers Can Help You Find the Perfect Gift


Spring brings with it many significant celebrations such as Easter and Graduation! A cross necklace is a perfect gift for these occasions or for a spring birthday. The jewelers at Isbell can help you choose the perfect cross pendant for your loved one that they will cherish for years to come. Stop by the showroom today! 

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