Pairing Gold and Silver Jewelry

Love the look of silver but want to match the gold accents in your clothing? We have the solution you’ve been looking for. Wear both! You read that right; believe it or not, pairing gold and silver jewelry together is ok! Each is timeless and classy on its own, and mixed together makes for an exciting combination sure to spice up any look.

Because gold and silver are different, pairing the two allows you to play off their unique looks in a way that is highly fashionable. The way you wear these together is important, so to help you go about mixing these metals, here are a few things to consider:

Choose the Right Outfit

It is important that the two don’t clash with one another or the clothes you are wearing. Picking out your outfit is a good place to start when wearing mixed metal jewelry. First, it ensures you have the right tones of gold and silver, but it also helps guide you to accent the right areas of your clothing. If you are wearing a scooped neck top, consider a shorter gold and silver necklace. Cuffed shirts and long sleeves would make it difficult to see your jewelry, but with short sleeves, a gold and silver chain bracelet or watch would complement perfectly!

Focus on Fewer Areas

Because pairing gold and silver jewelry together is so beautiful, it can be easy to get carried away with how much of it you are wearing. It is important, though, that you don’t go overboard with how many pieces you put on. It often helps to focus on one particular part of your body and go from there, this way you don’t end up with too many tones or too much going on.

There are four main regions where jewelry is typically worn, the ears, neck, wrists, and fingers. You don’t have to wear anything in every place. Focusing on fewer areas helps you create a cohesive theme with similar elements among the rest of the jewelry you pick out.

Most Popular Gold and Silver Combinations

Within our own collection, we have a wide variety of gold and silver items. From timepieces to earrings, the good thing about mixed metals is that they can be worn in any form. Interwoven gold and silver is what you will see most often, especially in watches and bracelets. Another popular way to style gold and silver together is to stack them! Stacked rings have gained popularity recently, and a combination of gold and silver on your fingers adds a unique element to the look.

So regardless of whether you are a gold or silver kind of person, you can agree, they look stunning together! Pairing gold and silver jewelry is fun, energetic, and can make a statement that is as unique as you. Give our store a call today to let us help you find the perfect pairing of gold and silver jewelry!

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