Resizing your Christmas Gifts

When trying to surprise someone you love with a beautiful ring or another piece of jewelry for Christmas, it’s hard to be 100% sure it is going to fit. The excitement of receiving a stunning new ring can quickly fade when you realize it because it doesn’t fit. But there’s no need to worry or return it when you can simply have your jewelry resized! 

Resizing your Christmas gift is an easy fix and can be done for almost any jewelry. Whether it needs to be bigger or smaller, longer or shorter your Christmas gift can be adjusted perfectly for you. 

How Should Your Ring Fit?

For some, the way your jewelry fits is a matter of personal preference. But it’s important your jewelry, especially rings, fit so that they don’t break or get lost. Rings should fit pretty snug on your finger, but not so tight you have to struggle to get it on and off. In contrast, you don’t want it falling off only to get lost or broken somewhere. A good way to check and see if your ring fits is to slide your ring on and if it needs one to three seconds of pressure to get over the knuckle it’s probably just right. Checking the size is the first step in knowing whether or not to move forward with a resize. 

How Does the Process Work?

A jeweler has many different methods for resizing rings and other pieces. First, it is important to do your research and find a skilled professional that can care for your jewelry well. Along with selling, resizing jewelry is also something we specialize in here at Isbell Jewelers. 

To increase the jewelry size, metal can be added or stretched with heat to make it bigger. In the case of a necklace, a jeweler may also add links or a longer chain to increase the length of an item. 

If a ring or other piece of jewelry needs to decrease in size, the process is similar but rather than adding metal, it has to be cut and soldered. Of course, this all depends on the kind of material a ring is made out of. 

Can I Resize any Type of Christmas Jewelry?

Fortunately, if you bring your Christmas gift to a jeweler, there is a good chance it will be able to be resized. However, there are a few kinds of jewelry that are more difficult to resize or are unable to be adjusted. 

For example, an eternity ring, which has gemstones set in the entire circumference of the ring is very tough to rework. It may not be worth the risk of damaging the ring in order to get it resized. Materials such as titanium, stainless steel, and tungsten make for a difficult resize process as well so these are good to avoid if you aren’t a ring will fit. We recommend talking to a jeweler first to see what your options are. 

If you want to avoid the headache altogether, check out our blog on how to get your partner’s ring size in secret! This way you don’t ruin the surprise, and you don’t have to worry about resizing anything. 

In the case of receiving a Christmas gift that didn’t fit, however, reworking it just for you is highly possible. As you see, there are many ways to ensure you still get to wear that beautiful ring or necklace into this new year! Give our skilled jewelers a call today and bring us your Christmas gifts for a resize! 

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