Stylish Stackable Wedding Bands

The value of a wedding ring is more than just it’s cost or karat, it represents the loving commitment of a person for life. But a wedding isn’t the only time you want to give someone a beautiful ring, and when you have more than one, you must stack them! Stackable wedding bands are a growing trend and allow you to celebrate many of life’s special moments. Stacking wedding bands is the perfect option for those with traditional style or for someone looking to jazz up their current wedding band! This ring option is not only meaningful but chic and stylish too. 

How do You Stack Them?

Stacking jewelry can be done in a few different ways. Depending on what your taste is, stackable rings come in a variety of looks, so you are sure to find one that fits you and your style! At Isbell Jewelers, we can even customize a band to be stacked just the way you want it.

One of the more popular options for stacked jewelry is known as the enclosure stack. This design is created so that the rings fit together perfectly, completely surrounding the, typically larger, engagement ring. Similar to the enclosure is the nested stack, which is designed to fit around the edge of the other ring and bend outward giving it a unique vintage look. However, many buyers simply prefer the straight and streamlined look of one on top of the other when it comes to their rings. 

Mix Metals and Gemstones 

Whichever form of stacking you choose, don’t be afraid to mix it up a little with different metals and gemstones! Switching up the color of metals can add a unique spin on the traditional stacked bands and be an eye-catching addition. Can’t decide between gold, silver, or rose gold rings? Have all three!

If you like the way gemstones look, layering can be a good way of expressing it. Stones also add a pop of color to your hand and outfit. Even if you don’t want your engagement ring to be in color, you can always add a colored gemstone when you stack a new ring. 

What Stackable Wedding Bands Can Represent

Stackable wedding bands are always a good option for a meaningful gift to a loved one because rings can represent several things. While a wedding day is a special moment in life, added rings can be a reminder of milestones and accomplishments in the years after. With stacked rings, when your significant other looks at their hand, they will always be reminded of those impactful life events. Consider these ideas for adding to an existing wedding ring:

Growing a family: With each child, a ring can be a symbol of your building upon the foundation you have both created within your family. 

An anniversary: This is the perfect visual reminder to your spouse of the commitment you made years ago and how that remains. Whether it is your 5th or 50th. 

Dreams Achieved: Maybe you have always dreamed of starting a business or traveling to a certain place. What better way to celebrate dreams coming to fruition than with a gorgeous ring? 

Ring stacking is a trend that has already been around for years and will likely continue to be. It’s the perfect way to express who you are and what someone or something means to you. If you are ready to shop for stackable rings, our jewelry experts are ready to help guide you to the right choice!

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