Different Kinds of Gemstones

You have probably heard the saying “They are such a gem!” Perhaps you have been lucky enough to have it said about you.  Calling someone a “gem” is a poignant way of saying the beauty or qualities of that person is of great value to you. Do you have a “gem” in your life? What better way to celebrate their uniqueness and value than with the gift of a gemstone!

We recently shared about choosing the perfect diamond earrings  Now, let’s discuss some different kinds of gemstones that might be perfect for that special someone in your life.

Yellow Diamonds

When an impurity is introduced during diamond formation, the result is a brilliant stone with amazing colors. We all love the classic pureness of a colorless diamond, but colored diamonds can add a level of uniqueness that is not expected. Take these yellow diamonds for example. During the increased pressure on the carbon atoms, nitrogen atoms join thus producing a beautiful yellow color.

Different Kinds of Gemstones 1


Rubies are formed from a rare mineral called Corundum.  Corundum, high pressure and the presence of chromium are what give them their beautiful vibrant red hue. If any other substance is present during their formation the red hue will not appear.

ruby and diamond ring

Sapphire Gemstones

Sapphires are formed very much like rubies.  They begin with the same mineral Corundum but this time the presence of Titanium creates their stunning blue hues! We love the way the blue sapphire pairs with diamonds!

sapphire and diamond ring


These are only a few of the amazing gemstone collections here at Isbell Jewelers. Stop by and browse our collection and let us help you choose the perfect gem for the “gem” in your life.

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