Honoring Loved Ones with Jewelry

Since social media has become the norm in our everyday lives, there have been countless stories shared of both lost and found jewelry. Many of them like this recent one from South Carolina have happy endings with owners being reunited with their beloved jewelry. After the loss of his wife to colon cancer 4 years prior, he had their wedding rings looped together and wore them around his neck. He lost them while vacationing and was heartbroken, so he reached out on social media. You can read the happy story here.

If you are like me, when reading one of these heartfelt stories, you FEEL with them. Our jewelry can hold powerful feelings within the metal and stones. Honoring our loved one’s lives or special life events with jewelry is a tangible way to hold onto special memories. Whether it be a special gift for a wedding, birthday, graduation or a memorial of a loved one who has passed away, jewelry is a way you can honor and hold onto memories with grace and style.


This beautiful heirloom brooch was gifted to a bride shortly before her wedding. She used it tobride wearing a diamond brooch accessorize her wedding dress. Look at how fun! Ten years later, that bride still wears the brooch and will gift it to her daughter one day. Maybe you have a special pair of earrings, a necklace or a bracelet that was a gift to you that brings memories of that life event. Whether it be a pair of diamond or pearl studs, a gorgeous necklace, or an elegant bracelet, let us help you choose the perfect piece to share with your loved one. Do you have an older piece of jewelry that you would like to gift a younger loved one? We can give it a new cleaning or rebuild and revamp it into a style they will love!


engraved pendantEngraving is a time-honored way to literally etch memories forever. Below is a family heirloom that was engraved in the 1940s. It was passed from grandfather to his grandson’s bride after they were married. The grandfather and grandson shared the same initials and coincidentally so did his new bride and his grandmother. A year after their marriage, his grandfather passed away. This piece became even more special to this young couple. Isbell Jewelers can engrave almost any piece with a special message for your loved ones. Engraving takes an already thoughtful gift and memorializes it forever.

Birth Stones & Anniversary Stones

Celebrating the birth of a child or a wedding anniversary is always a sweet occasion. Thisbirthstones and engraved bracelet bracelet, a gift to his wife at the birth of their first child, combines birthstones of the parents and new baby and engraving their names. Earrings, pendants, rings or bracelets with birthstones or anniversary stones are an elegant way and are always meaningful gifts. You can give any stone as an anniversary gift, but there are traditional stones for different anniversaries. Here at Isbell, we have a wide variety of birthstone and anniversary jewelry to choose from or we can help create a one-of-a-kind custom piece for you or your loved ones.  Have a birthday coming up or want to celebrate the birth of children with birthstones? We would love to show you what gorgeous pieces we have showcasing these stones.



charms dangling on a chainCharm bracelets and necklaces are a fun way to celebrate details of a loved one’s life with jewelry. This necklace has collected charms at each life event. As a gift from a mother to a daughter, a charm has been added for graduation, marriage and the birth of two children. So personal and sweet. Charms can be simple fun and quirky perhaps holding a fun secret or inside joke between the giver and receiver or they can be more sophisticated and elegant holding sacred the time commemorated. You choose what best speaks your style for the celebration!

Do you have a personal piece of jewelry that holds special memories for you? We at Isbell Jewelers would love to hear your story and help you to find a great piece of jewelry to honor your loved ones!


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