Fall Styles

Pearls, Parures, and Daytime Drama are all about the fall styles of 2019! Check out these upcoming jewelry trends!

Fall Styles: Pearls   

Pearls with flair will be in this fall. These are not like your grandmothers (although grandma’s pearls ARE lovely!) Expect to see strands of single pearls layered and also paired with beautiful antique brooches and cameos. A traditional string of pearls paired with other simple necklaces will give a chic look also. 

Fall Styles 1

Fall Styles: Parures

“Parures” is an elegant word for matching sets of jewelry and will be seen on the runways this fall. Don’t have a parure in your jewelry box? We have several gorgeous gemstone sets in our showroom that we would be happy to show you. Parures are not about being “matchy-matchy” but instead a coordinated elegance. Baroque, classically styled jewelry such as lockets and cameos will also grace necks and wrists.

Fall Styles 2

Fall Styles: Daytime Drama

Gone are the days of saving your best pieces for only special occasions. Pull out those beautiful stones for everyday errand running! Feeling nervous about making bold fashion moves? Vogue even agrees! Wear those pieces with confidence!

Fall Styles 3

Now that you know the fall styles for 2019, stop by Isbell and browse our collections. We can help you find the perfect piece!

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