Sapphires- The September Birthstone

If September is your birthday month, you have the honor of holding Sapphires as your birthstone! To celebrate, we are sharing some fun and interesting facts about these gorgeous gems!

Sapphires’ Symbolic Meanings 

Sapphires are symbols of purity and wisdom. They are also said to ease pain and reduce stress. During the 15th Century, it was believed that holding a sapphire near a spider would kill it and in the 17th Century, it was believed that touching a sapphire would help you see the future.

The Most Beautiful Blue

  An unknown poet described the beautiful blue of sapphires as “the blue of a clear sky just minutes after sundown.” The deep calming hue of this gemstone has traditionally been a symbol of hope and faith. It was especially adored by royalty. The description “royal blue” comes from the royal history of sapphires. 

A Universal Color

The gorgeous cornflower blue these stones carry is dubbed a “universal color.” This means it complements all skin tones. It makes sense that blue sapphires would also complement all skin tones. Sapphires also pair well with so many other stones and both silver and gold.

From Commoner to Royalty

  Lady Diana Spencer, after Prince Charles proposed, was presented with a selection of engagement rings to choose from. She chose a beautiful 12-carat sapphire studded with 14 diamonds. Her choice caused a scandal because she did not have a custom ring designed for her. The newspapers went as far as to dub it a “Commoner’s ring.” Today this same ring graces the finger of the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton and could not be more loved or sought after by the public. 

Strong to the Finish 

  Sapphire stones are very hard and durable. The only stone that can scratch a sapphire is a diamond. In the Moh’s scale of hardness a sapphire is rated as 9 (Diamonds rate as 10-the hardest) Many Swiss watches and also many Apple watches are built with Sapphire crystal glass to improve their durability. 

Star of India Sapphire

  One of the most famous Sapphires is the “Star of India.” It is an astounding 563 carats! This gorgeous stone is called a “Star Sapphire” because it has a mineral in it that reflects light thus creating a visible star shape in the middle of it.

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