Bold Gold Jewelry

As the spring turns to fall and sweater weather slowly begins, many find themselves drawn to bold gold jewelry! Let’s discuss how to best style our beautiful bold gold jewelry with fall-inspired outfits.


Why Go Bold?


Many of 2020’s fall jewelry trends are holding fast and even gaining more momentum in 2021 given the fact that we stayed home last year during quarantine! This includes bold gold pendants and chains, pearls, and statement jewelry. As you venture out into the world a little more, be inspired to pair all of those gorgeous jewelry additions that you purchased during quarantine with your everyday outfits. We are no longer taking our beautiful jewelry for granted but styling it for everyday trips out as well as a special night out on the town!


Bold Gold Necklaces


The gorgeous paperclip chain necklaces are still trending and are the perfect accessory for that favorite fall sweater or t-shirt and cardigan. Gold pendant and medallion necklaces are also in style. Many gravitate towards the yellow gold because of the beautiful fall leaves but both white and rose gold are stunning also. Wondering what the best necklace style and length to go with the neckline of your fabulous outfit? Check out our blog Choosing the Right Necklace for Every Neckline!


Bold Gold Earrings


If you prefer to show off your bold gold jewelry with earrings, large gold hoops are in style! They would complement a solid oversized sweater perfectly. Longer gold pendant earrings will draw attention down to the cute scarf you may be sporting this fall also! Gold earrings with a complimentary gemstone would look stunning with the warm tones of autumn! To help you make the best choices for earring style, you should read our blog The Right Earrings for Every Face Shape. 


Bold Gold Rings and Bracelets


Celebrate the fall season with your favorite gold rings! Whether they are yellow gold or rose gold, they are sure to look fabulous. Right-hand rings, also known as cocktail rings, are trending and also carry an empowering sentiment to the wearer. Yellow gold along with warm jewel tones such as rubies, garnets, or yellow diamonds carry the feeling of fall with them. 


Chunky bracelets are also a wonderful addition to your fall wardrobe. The paperclip chain necklaces mentioned above can also be styled as bracelets as well as multiple gold bangles. Heavier gold chain bracelets are trending too!


Bold Gold Jewelry and Confidence!


Whichever way you style your bold gold jewelry this fall, you must do so with confidence! Nothing is more beautiful than a strong and secure woman feeling good about herself. 


Isbell would love to help you with your fall jewelry collection! We carry a large selection of gold necklaces, earrings, rings, and bracelets. We can help you choose a special jewelry accessory for a special occasion or a fresh new addition to your collection. Stop by our showroom or browse our gallery online!


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