Fall Jewelry Pairings!

Fine jewelry trends stay fashionable for long periods of time, but the categories of fine jewelry that are in style do change with the seasons. So what is in style for this fall? Let’s take a look at some fall jewelry pairings as you head out into the beautiful autumn weather! 


Let’s Get Out!


As our world begins to socialize again (even if it is still limited) you may notice bright extravagant jewels will be on display along with gorgeous bold gold jewelry statement pieces! We have stayed home so long we are ready to get out and live our best lives through bright, stunning jewelry! Embrace your fun and maybe slightly extravagant style and wear your favorites from your jewelry collection! 


Tips for Fall Jewelry Pairings

Have FUN!

Enamel jewelry with bright pops of color bring a playful fund appearance to any outfit. Estate jewelry would be trendy, specifically the art deco styles! Look at this fun and playful vintage telephone pendant! We love the happy vibe it gives! This Fancy Orange Brown Diamond ring is striking and envelopes the feeling of fall with its color scheme! 

art deco phone pendant
This vintage telephone pendant brings an element of fun to your fall outfit!



Fancy Orange Brown Diamond Ring
This Fancy Orange Brown Diamond Ring feels glamorous and also pulls the fall tones of the seasons!




Bold gold necklaces and earrings bring a sense of glamour to your outfit. Smaller and shorter necklaces can get lost under heavier sweaters or turtlenecks but longer necklaces won’t! Don’t be afraid to be bold! This14 karat gold medallion hangs low enough to be the perfect fall jewelry pairing to your cozy sweater! 


gold locket pendant
Strong gold statement necklaces


Build Volume by Layering!


Fall jewelry pairings include building volume by layering smaller pieces together. Paper clip necklaces are a fun trendy nod to the 70’s with a fresh twist. They can be layered with your other gold necklaces to create a strong statement piece. Layering smaller bracelets is a great thing also because they are less likely to catch on your clothing. 


Bangle bracelets stacked together to make wonderful fall jewelry pairings
Layer these beautiful bangle bracelets with your favorite fall sweater!


Paper clip chain jewelry styled next to a flower arrangement
These paper clip chain necklaces wear well over cozy sweaters in the fall.


Charles Garniew gold bracelets stacked together
These Charles Garnier bracelets look great for a special night out or an everyday trip to run errands.


Don’t forget to layer your rings! These ring wraps are striking and combine the fall jewelry trends of bold colors and layering! We carry a wide variety of stackable bands to layer and 


a ring wrap together
This ring wrap is actually three separate rings. Combined together they make a bold statement!


Many different ring bands with all different colors
Choose your favorite colors and style them together!


Fall Earring Trends


Fall jewelry pairings with earrings include large gold hoops or drop earrings. These styles are less likely to snag on sweaters or jackets with the cool fall weather. Pearl drop earrings are a lovely touch to the fall color scheme of your outfits also! 

gold scroll drop earrings worn by a woman.
These scroll drop earrings are eye-catching and won’t snag on your jackets and sweaters!



quartz and pearl drop earrings
These quarts and pearl drop earrings pair well with many fall outfits!


Whether you choose to embrace the fun side with art deco-inspired jewelry, layer your bold gold necklaces and bracelets, or draw attention to your smiling face with gold hoops or drop earrings, we hope you will feel confident and gorgeous! Embrace the season and take note of all the beautiful colors of our season! If you would like a new addition to your fine jewelry collection to enhance your fall wardrobe, stop by Isbell Jewelry and we will help you find the perfect fall jewelry pairings!

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