Isbell’s Early Bird Holiday Gift Ideas

The gift-giving season will soon be upon us and with experts warning of shipping delays and supply chain problems, the sooner you can cross off your gift list-the better! Isbell Jewelers is here to inspire you and fill those gift lists with these early bird holiday gift ideas!


The gift of jewelry is timeless and can be the perfect choice for those you have no idea what to give. Jewelry carries a sentimentality to it and makes a thoughtful and meaningful gift. It can be passed down through generations and treasured for years to come. While many trends change with the seasons, jewelry stays consistent. Below we have listed current trending jewelry that would be perfect holiday gift ideas, but rest assured these never go out of style! 


Paper Clip Chain Necklaces


These gorgeous gold paper clip chain necklaces give a nod to the ’70s but are definitely not dated. They pair nicely with fall and winter clothing and hues but can also be worn in the warmer months to accentuate beautiful jewel tones. They can be layered with other necklaces to build volume or worn alone to accent a beautiful neckline. 


Paper clip chain jewelry styled next to a flower arrangement
These paper clip chain necklaces wear well over cozy sweaters in the fall and winter.


Ring Wraps


Ring wraps are additions to your wedding rings or other rings that accentuate and add stability. They are an instant upgrade and update to the original ring! You can choose from a variety of colored stones and metals. These are a wonderful gift especially if you have recently celebrated a milestone anniversary! 


a ring wrap together
This ring wrap is actually three separate rings. Combined together they make a bold statement!


Bangle Bracelets


Stackable bangle bracelets are trending this fall and for good reason! These bracelets are lightweight, gorgeous, and add that extra zing to your fall and winter outfits. You can choose the same metal for a strong statement piece or you can mix the metals for a more eclectic look! These would make a great gift for anyone who may not wear many necklaces or long earrings!


Charles Garniew gold bracelets stacked together
These Charles Garnier bracelets look great for a special night out or an everyday trip to run errands.


Stackable Ring Bands


These gorgeous stackable ring bands offer endless combinations along with that pop of color! You can choose a cohesive combination of blues and diamonds or strong bolder jewel tones to stand out! These are fun and impressive and can dress up a casual outfit or also be the perfect accent for a special occasion. 


Many different ring bands with all different colors
Choose your favorite colors and style them together!

Right-Hand Rings


Right-hand rings, also known as cocktail rings, would be a wonderful holiday gift idea! These rings are more than just a statement piece worn on the right hand, but signify empowerment, independence, and choice to wear something simply because it speaks to you! Right-Hand rings can be precious gemstones, vintage pieces, or anything that you are drawn to. You can read all about the history and meaning behind right-hand rings in our blog Right Hand Ring Ideas and Inspiration. 


Birthstone Jewelry


Choosing jewelry with a birthstone gemstone is always appreciated. It could be the birthstone of the recipient or the birthstone of your children. Isbell’s carries a wide variety of birthstone gems in rings, pendants, bracelets, earrings. We can also create a custom jewelry design incorporating the birthstone if you want a truly unique and personal gift. 


To learn more about each month’s birthstone, check out some of the blog posts and jewelry we have shared.


January: Garnet Jewelry: January’s Beautiful Birthstone

February: February’s Beautiful Birthstone

March: The March Birthstone: Aquamarine

April: Diamonds: The April Birthstone

May: May’s Birthstone: The Emerald

June: Precious Pearls

July: July Birthstone: The Ruby Gemstone

August: Peridot 

September: September Sapphires

October: Opal’s in October

November: Topaz and Citrine 

December: Blue Topaz 


Custom Jewelry Design


If you have someone that is truly difficult to buy for or you want to create something extra special for them, consider our custom jewelry design. Our talented team of jewelry designers can bring your vision to life! Stop by the showroom to chat with any of our jewelers to learn how to turn your inspiration into a beautiful work of art that can be worn for years to come! 


Diamond Studs and Pearls!


No one’s jewelry collection should not include diamond studs and pearls! These are a classic but always stylish gift that can be worn often. We can help you choose the perfect style and cut for a gorgeous pair of diamond stud earrings or help you choose the best way to show off our gorgeous pearl jewelry!


Need More Inspiration for Holiday Gift Ideas?


If you need more inspiration on choosing the perfect jewelry for your loved one, stop by our showroom and let us show you why Isbell Jewelers is Birmingham’s leader in custom jewels! We can find the perfect match for any style, price point, or occasion! 


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