Trend Alert: Paper Clip Chain Necklaces

One of the newest trends in jewelry fashion is the paper clip chain necklaces. This style carries a slight nod to the 80’s jewelry trends but has been revamped to fit our current culture. Let’s look at the paper clip chain necklaces and how you can best wear this newest trend!


What is a Paper Clip Chain Necklace?


No, they are not a string of ordinary paper clips linked together but the idea inspired this industrial-chic trend. Characterized by elongated chain links fastened together in different metals, these necklaces are simple but carry a strong statement. They come in a wide array of styles with some chunkier links and others are longer and thinner. Chains continue to be a strong trend in the fashion world and can be worn dressed up for a night out or add just enough flair to jeans and a white t-shirt while running errands. 


Paper clip chain jewelry can be found in yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold. While most often styled as necklaces they can also be found in layered bracelets and longer earrings. They blend architectural elements with the beauty of jewelry. Inspired by the humble paper clip, these chains have upped the style element and can be layered at multiple lengths or paired with pendants and gemstones. 


Paper clip chain jewelry styled next to a flower arrangement


What Length is Best?


When choosing the length of a necklace and specifically a slightly chunkier chain necklace, there are several things to consider. The shape of your face is one aspect to consider. If you have a round or oval face, 20-25 inch lengths will elongate and be most flattering. If you have a square or oblong face, then an even shorter length will soften the angles. For heart-shaped faces, 16-18 inch lengths will also help to soften angles and highlight your face. 


Are you taller height, on the shorter side, or average height? Shorter heights are most flattering with necklace lengths in the 16-18” range. If you are taller, you can wear any length but longer lengths will accentuate your frame the best. If you are of average height, go wild and wear any length your heart desires! 


Finally, consider your body type. Hourglass figures are flattered by necklaces that sit just at a lower cut neckline. Athletic body styles look best with longer necklaces that elongate the body. Pear-shaped bodies should wear necklaces that are 18-24 inches to broaden the shoulders. For those with body types in the inverted triangle category, longer necklaces will bring the eye down to the smallest part of the body. 


The good news is that all lengths of paper clip chain necklaces are trending right now! No matter your face shape, height, or body style, these necklaces are sure to be flattering on you!


Are you ready to add a paper clip chain necklace or bracelet to your jewelry collection? Stop by our store or browse our gallery for inspiration. Our team of expert jewelers can help you choose the right style and length so you can wear the most latest style!


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