Trend Alert: Gorgeous Ring Wraps!

Ring wraps are becoming more and more popular for two reasons: protection and personalization! Not only do ring wraps help secure your diamond solitaire ring and protect it, but they also personalize it to enhance your own style! Let’s take a look at this jewelry trend and learn all we need to know about ring wraps! 


What Are Ring Wraps?


Ring wraps, also called ring enhancers, ring guards, or curved rings, are designed to be paired with a solitaire gemstone ring. Often these solitaire rings are diamond, but ring wraps can be paired with any solitaire gemstone. They help to elegantly protect the solitaire ring and also elevate the style and sparkle of the solitaire. Many are choosing ring wraps to accompany their diamond solitaire engagement rings instead of a traditional wedding band. 


Why Should I Use a Ring Wrap?

Similar to stackable wedding bands, rings wraps bring a tighter more cohesive look. They also offer protection and creative personalization. 


Protection Offered By a Ring Wrap


Ring wraps help to stabilize the solitaire gemstone on your finger. By hugging the shape of your gemstone and setting, they keep it from rolling down around the bottom of your finger thus protecting the stone from possible damage. The prongs are protected from possible snags, chips, and other damage. If your ring is just slightly too big then ring wraps will keep it from moving forward on your finger too. During colder months, fingers may shrink some from the temperature making our rings feel loose on our hands. Ring wraps offer additional stability then too. 


Personalization Offered By a Ring Wrap


In addition to protecting your solitaire, ring wraps can definitely up the sparkle factor of your stone or create a new style altogether. They can be simple or ornate and the possibilities are endless! Ring wraps can enhance the beauty of your current ring and bring out your personality also! Simple banded ring wraps can create a more cohesive look while more detailed gemstone settings in the wrap can add a splash of color or a different design look altogether. 


Perhaps you are not totally in love with your engagement ring, but the sentimentality of the ring makes you hesitate to replace it altogether. A beautiful ring wrap could change the look from modern to vintage, classic to glamorous, or monochromatic to multi-colored instantly! (The opposite of those is true also- really the sky is the limit when it comes to personalizing your ring wrap!)


Choosing Ring Wrap Styles


When choosing a ring wrap there are many options one thing is recommended consistently though- match the metal of your current ring if you are adding to a ring you already own. Yellow golds ring wraps will go with a yellow gold ring and so on. If your heart is set on pairing gold and silver you always can, but choosing a matching metal with ring wraps gives a more consistent look. 


You can choose a single band to wrap around your solitaire ring. This will look most like a traditional wedding band but it will curve around the gemstone ensuring a snug and secure fit. A single band could be simple and functional with just a matching metal or it can be embellished with smaller gemstones of your choice to accent the solitaire. Single bands are simple, elegant,  and refined. 


Connected bands are another option that brings a more extravagant look. These wraps are two bands that are connected and your solitaire is set inside between them. It is guarded there. Connected bands are gorgeous when filled with smaller diamonds or alternating colored gemstones!


If you want to bring the most sparkle to your solitaire, you can choose to go with double bands. These are two separate bands that are set to fit snugly on either side of your solitaire! Check out this beautiful example below of multicolored gemstones surrounding a round diamond solitaire! Isn’t it stunning?


ring wraps displayed on each side of a solitaire diamond ringa ring wrap together


Custom Designed Ring Wraps


Whichever ring wrap style you choose, you have the freedom to design the setting of the stones around your solitaire! Our jewelers at Isbell are skilled at knowing which setting will complement your ring and also which will create the most stability. We also know the importance of personal style. We want to make sure your rings represent you and bring you joy and confidence when you wear them!


Ring wraps also make a wonderful anniversary gift! Reach out to us today to find your perfect ring wrap or being the design process for your custom jewelry!


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