The Right Earrings for Every Face Shape

You are probably familiar with styling clothing to be most flattering to your body shape. Did you know that you can style earrings to be most flattering to the shape of your face also? Let’s do a deep dive into choosing the right earrings for every face shape! 


What is Your Face Shape?


A quick google search will show you many different ways to determine your face shape. There are apps and quizzes but the simplest way that we have found is to trace it! Pull your hair back and grab a water-based marker, soap, or old lipstick. Stand in front of your mirror and gently trace the outline of your face. Trace around your hairline, down your jaw to the tip of your chin. 


Once you have drawn the outline of your face, take a look and determine which of the following shapes it most closely resembles: round, oval, square, narrow, heart, or diamond. 


graphic showing different face shapes


The Right Earrings for Every Face


Oval-Shaped Faces


If you have an oval face shape then your forehead and jawline are about the same width. Your chin is rounded with no sharp lines. Oval-shaped faces are best styled by pearls, teardrops, and ovals! Of all the face shapes, ovals have great versatility so feel confident experimenting with different styles also! 


Celebrities with oval-shaped faces include Cindy Crawford and Julia Roberts.


Square Shaped Faces


If your face shape lends itself to more of a square then the width of your forehead, jaw, and chin, will be very close together. Hoops are flattering to square faces as well as any earrings that are medium to long in length!  Choosing earrings with rounded edges or angles is also a win because they soften the angles of your face. 


Celebrities with square-shaped faces include Demi Moore and Renee Zellweger


Round Faces


Round faces have gently contoured features that are fuller than the other face shapes. Foreheads and hairlines are rounded with a similarly rounded chin. You are blessed with soft and gentle features. Drop earrings and long dangles look incredible on round faces and they also help to elongate your features. 


Check out this gallery of celebrities with round faces including Emma Stone and Charlize Theron. 


Narrow Faces


Narrow faces are longer than they are wide. The width of your cheeks, jawline and chin are almost the same. Earrings that carry lots of volume look best on narrow faces. They can be longer or shorter, but volume is key! Shorter dangles and pearls are popular because they help to draw the eye horizontally across your face. 


Celebrities with narrow faces include Liv Tyler, Meryl Streep, and Victoria Beckham. 


Heart-Shaped Faces


Heart-shaped faces have a jawline that tapers into a pointier chin. Your forehead and jawline also have similar widths. It is very similar to a triangle but with softer angles. The right earrings for heart-shaped faces are wider at the bottom than the top. This balances the triangular shape of your face. Softly curved earrings and teardrop styles are also flattering. 


Celebrities with heart-shaped faces include Gwyneth Paltrow and Reese Witherspoon. 


Diamond-Shaped Faces


Diamond-shaped faces have a narrow forehead and a smaller chin. You are blessed with strong cheekbones that are wider than your forehead and chin and they sit nice and high on your face. Your forehead width is smaller than in a heart-shaped face. Earrings with more width than length are a great choice to balance your natural beauty. Earrings with delicate drops and a combination of curves and straight lines are also flattering. 

Celebrities with diamond-shaped faces include Meghan Fox, Jennifer Lopez, and Scarlett Johansson


Isbell’s Jewelry Collection


Now that you have learned the secrets of styling the right earrings for every face shape you can confidently choose the earrings that best highlight your naturally beautiful features! The jewelers at Isbell can help you find the perfect set of earrings that will look fabulous on your or help you design a custom pair incorporating the styles that best suit your face. Stop by our showroom and browse our jewelry collection or speak with our experienced professionals about designing something unique to you! We are Birmingham’s leader in custom jewelry and would love to help you! 


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