Guide to the 5-Step Custom Jewelry Process

Did you know that here at Isbell Jewelers, we have a special custom jewelry process? That means we can create (or recreate) anything you can imagine, from repurposed antique right-hand rings to new pendants that are made to look vintage. Here’s a look at the custom jewelry process and what you can expect when you’re having custom jewelry made by Isbell. 


1. Bring in Your Old Jewelry or Your New Idea. 


First, we’ll need you to stop by the showroom and bring in either the old jewelry you want to have repurposed or your new custom jewelry vision. If you have a general idea of what you’re looking to have made but need help fleshing the idea out a little, our specialists are here to help with the design from beginning to end. You can even bring us reference photos! 


2. We’ll Sketch Out a Design by Hand. 


During the next step in the custom jewelry process, we’ll take your vision and sketch it out by hand. We’ll include every detail and make sure to take into account all of your notes from the initial step. Of course, we’ll ask for your feedback and final approval once we’re done with the sketch. 



3. We’ll Upload the Sketch and Mold a Wax Replica. 


After you approve the sketch, we’ll upload it into our special CAD (Computer-Aided Design) system and mold a wax replica of your custom jewelry design. We’ll have you take one last look at the wax replica for approval, and then we’ll make a final mold from the wax replica before moving on in the custom jewelry process. Many jewelers outsource this step, but we keep everything in-house to ensure the best quality. 


4. We’ll cast your new jewelry. 


For the next step of the custom jewelry process, we’ll cast your new jewelry. This step involves taking the mold and filling it with either gold or platinum. Once it cools, the mold is removed, revealing your unique custom jewelry. We’ll polish and perfect the jewelry until it meets our high standards. 


5. Pick up Your Beautiful Custom Jewelry! 


The final step in the custom jewelry process is simply picking up your unique custom jewelry design! That’s right– all you have to do is stop by the showroom and pick up the newest personalized addition to your collection. 


Ready to create the custom jewelry design of your dreams? Contact Isbell Jewelers today or stop by the showroom and let’s get started! 

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