New Mom Jewelry Gift Ideas

It is such a joyous occasion when a baby is born! Many spouses, family, and friends want to commemorate the birth with a gift for the mother. Jewelry is a perfect gift to celebrate the arrival of a new life! Today we are sharing some new mom jewelry gift ideas to help you choose a touching and beautiful present for that special new mom!

A “push present” is a gift given to a new mother traditionally from their spouse to celebrate the act of childbirth. Jewelry is the most common push present because it can be worn daily, treasured for a lifetime, and even passed down to children when they grow older. Don’t panic if this is the first time you are learning about push presents! The tradition took hold around the 1990s. While it is not required, giving your wife a special gift after birth can encourage her, commemorate the special occasion, and help her know she is loved dearly. 

Personalize New Mom Jewelry with Birthstones, Initials, or Engraving

Birthstone Jewelry

Since the 16th century, people have been celebrating the month of someone’s birth with jewelry and a specific birthstone gem. New mom jewelry gifts could include pendants, earrings, rings, or bracelets with the birthstone of the mom, the new baby, or a combination of both. 

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Initial Pendant Necklaces

A pendant necklace showing off the initials of the new baby’s name is a great way to celebrate! Mom can wear it close to her heart and still be in style. Initial pendants come in a variety of metals and can be on shorter daintier chains or make a statement with a chunkier medallion-style initial.  You can choose to include just the baby’s initials or include both baby, mom, and dad’s to signify the family unit. 


Engraving initials, names, and/or birthdates can personalize any jewelry for a new mom. All metals can be engraved so you have many options. You could choose a beautiful ring with a special engraved message on the inside or choose a medallion or locket and have the back engraved to be worn as a necklace. Watches and bracelets can also be engraved. A tennis bracelet showing off the birthstone with a special engraved message would be a touching new mom gift treasured for a lifetime! 

Gemstone Rings as New Mom Jewelry Gifts

Rings are a popular push present. They range in style from classic and minimal to bold and beautiful! Many choose to incorporate birthstones in rings for new moms but you do not have to. Celebrate the new mother with a gemstone ring that she may not already have or add to her collection with a different cut gemstone that she does not own. 

Right-hand rings are rings worn on the right hand that a woman simply loves because it is her style. They signify personal empowerment and there are few things in life as powerful as giving birth! You can choose a vintage-style ring, a bold gemstone color, or a simple stone with an eclectic style setting! The point of a right-hand ring is to bring joy to the wearer. 

Ring wraps are another great option for new mom jewelry. Ring wraps are rings meant to be paired with a wedding ring or other larger gemstone ring that will enhance or update the style. What a wonderful sign of adding to your new family than by adding to a wedding ring set! These come in a variety of styles and gemstones! You could choose diamond ring wraps to step up the sparkle and wow factor of a diamond wedding ring or choose colored gemstones to make the set stand out! 

New Mom Jewelry for the Classic and Chic Mom

A Pair of Diamond Studs

Everyone woman needs a pair of diamond stud earrings and they are even more perfect for a new mom adjusting to the sleep-deprived life with a newborn. Diamond studs are both classic and stylish at the same time, and can help a mom feel pulled together and pretty as she loves on that new baby. If she already owns a pair of diamond studs, choose a pair with a different cut or size to add to her collection!


Pearl jewelry is a beautiful new mom jewelry gift idea. You can go traditional with a strand of pearls for a necklace or pearl stud earrings, or step outside the box and choose a colored pearl or a mix of leather and pearls. Single pearl drop pendants or earrings would be loved and worn well for years to come! 

Simple Bracelet or Pendant

Do not let the thought of choosing a push present add to the stress of adding a new baby to your family! A simple but elegant bracelet or pendant necklace is a thoughtful and meaningful gift! A collection of bangle bracelets would make her smile and a small gemstone on a simple chain would show your love! 

Isbell Jewelers can Help you Choose the Perfect New Mom Jewelry Gift!

Stop by the showroom or browse our collection online to find the perfect new mom jewelry gift. Our experienced professionals know the right questions to ask to help you narrow down the perfect style of jewelry for the new mother! We can help you with birthstones, engraving, or customizing jewelry just for her! 


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