The Best Ways to Wear Emerald Jewelry

Emeralds are jaw-dropping with their luscious green tones and the beautiful springtime new growth draws us to add them to our outfits. What are the best ways to wear emerald jewelry? Today’s blog post will empower you to add emerald jewelry to any outfit from a casual day out to a formal evening event. 

Emerald Gemstones

Emerald gemstones come from the mineral Beryl and are known for their stunning blue-green to dark green hues. Emeralds with a medium to medium-dark green are the most prized. They are rated between 7.5 and 8 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness making them a very durable gemstone. (For reference your fingernails are usually around 2.5 on the scale) This means that emeralds are not easily scratched and can handle everyday use well. Emeralds are also the birthstone for those born in May and make wonderful birthday gifts or Mother’s Day gifts for those with children born in May. 

Coordinating Emerald Jewelry with Your Outfits

Because Emeralds are blue-green and green hues, they fall into the cooler color palette. They look best on women who look good in cooler color palettes, but if the emerald is set in a warm metal such as yellow gold or rose gold, then emerald jewelry looks good on women who look best in warm palettes. Emeralds are the best of both worlds! Below are two stunning emerald gemstone rings. Look at how both the yellow gold metal and also the white gold metal look great with the green hues of the gemstone! 

an emerald ring surrounded by yellow gold and then white gold and diamondsan emerald ring with white diamond surrounding it in white gold









How do you know whether you look best in warmer or cooler palettes? The best way to learn is by studying your skin undertones. The simplest way to determine your best color palette is by looking at the veins in your forearms and wrists. If they are blue or purple then you have cooler skin undertones and if the veins are green you have warmer undertones. To learn more about skin undertones and your best color palettes, read “A Stylist’s Guide to Skin Tones and Color Palettes” 

What is the Main Color of Your Outfit?

When putting together your outfit, what is the main color? Emerald jewelry can complement a wide range of colors when paired correctly. You can choose the color of your outfit based on the color wheel. Complementary colors are colors opposite each other on the color wheel. The opposite color of green is red. If your outfit has red or any shades of red (think maroons, pinks, even dark purples) then the beautiful emerald green hue will complement it. Be careful with bright red unless it is Christmas time and you want to reflect the red and green of the season! 

You can also consider the monotone color wheel which includes green and all the shades of green. Emerald jewelry paired with a gorgeous green dress or pantsuit makes a beautiful ensemble. 

Neutral-colored outfits really highlight stunning hues of emerald jewelry. Blacks, whites, browns, and grays can include stunning pops of emerald green and really make you stand out with a sophisticated look. 

Casual Ways to Wear Emerald Jewelry

Because Emeralds are precious gemstones, many believe that they can only wear them on special occasions. This is not true! Take your casual outfits to the next level by adorning them with beautiful emerald jewelry. Black pants, a white t-shirt, and a denim jacket paired with emerald earrings, an emerald pendant (especially if the t-shirt is a v-neck style), or an attention-grabbing right hand Emerald ring is always a great combination.

Step up your spring-inspired dresses with a pop of Emerald! The wonderful thing about emeralds is that they can go bold and dramatic (a white or other solid colored dress) or subtle and classic (a floral design or small geometric patterned dress). Consider the neckline of your dress and be sure to choose the right necklace for every neckline. Emerald stud earrings really pop with neutral casual outfits too! 

Dressing Up for A Night Out!

Whether you are enjoying a date night out,  attending a formal wedding, or another event, emerald jewelry can be the icing on your perfect outfit! Dangling emerald earrings or a beautiful emerald pendant necklace can add sophistication, glamour, and grace to your classic black dress. Pairing emeralds with pink grounds the femininity of your outfit and the green hues along with blue outfits allow you to stand out while bringing the calm, cooling feelings of the cold palette hues. 

Isbell Jewelers Can Help You Find the Perfect Emerald Jewelry

Whether you are an emerald lover at heart or shopping for a May birthday or other special occasion gift, the jewelers at Isbell can help you find the perfect emerald jewelry. Our experts know the best cuts and metals to create the gorgeous green-hued look you are going for. Stop by our showroom today to see our exquisite collection of emerald jewelry. 


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