8 Ways to Update Your Wedding Ring

Have you been thinking about updating your wedding ring? Celebrating a significant anniversary, the renewal of wedding vows, updating style preferences, and having greater financial abilities are all valid reasons for choosing to update your wedding ring but in truth, you don’t really have to have a reason to do it! 

The professionals at Isbell Jewelers have helped thousands of customers design the perfect look for their beloved wedding rings. Today we are sharing some inspiration to help you imagine the new updated look on your finger!


Add a Pop of Color


The majority of wedding rings are diamonds so many choose to update their wedding ring by adding a pop of color. This color could be added in a variety of ways. Choosing to add colored gemstones next to your diamond is a beautiful choice. Many choose sapphires because their beautiful blue hues complement the sparkle of the diamond, but you can choose any gemstone you desire! Many couples choose the birthstone of the month they are married or the birthstones of their children. Yellow diamonds are beautiful as smaller stones next to the solitaire

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Look how these stunning blue sapphires instantly enhance the diamond below in this antique 3-stone ring!

sapphire and diamond ring in white gold


Change Your Center Stone with a Different Cut


Another great way to update your wedding ring is by swapping the current diamond with one of a different cut. The cut of a gemstone determines its brilliance (sparkle)  and shine. These different styles of cuts are called “fancy cuts.”  Upgrading the size and/or cut of the diamond on your wedding ring can create a whole new look! 

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Change the Choice of Metal


Styles change over the years and so can our own personal tastes in jewelry. Perhaps you wish to update your wedding ring by changing the type of metal. You may prefer white gold or platinum over yellow gold or vice versa. Changing the metal is a relatively simple process and instantly updates your wedding ring to reflect your personal style!


Update Your Band


Updating smaller details of your wedding ring, like the bands, can have a huge impact and change the entire look of the ring! You could add just a few smaller diamonds set within the band around the solitaire, add diamonds to the wedding band itself, or both! Bands that hold diamonds are always stunning but don’t feel like you have to only use diamonds. You could add colored gemstones to add some contrast and color! 

Look at the sparkle and shine of these jaw-dropping bands set behind this stunning marquise-cut diamond

marquise cut diamond rings

Add a Diamond or Gemstone Halo 


Adding a diamond halo to your wedding ring instantly elevates the style! These dainty diamonds frame the beautiful solitaire and create an eye-catching effect. Many of our vintage wedding rings include a diamond halo so if your heart is set on a vintage-style ring, this may be the update you are looking for!

Below is a custom-designed halo diamond with a split-shank band.

split shank diamond ring

The halo does not have to be diamonds- as mentioned above you can add a pop of color to your wedding ring update by choosing a colored gemstone as a halo around your solitaire!

Add Surrounding Diamonds


If a diamond halo is not your style, you could add a larger diamond on each side of your solitaire! This really adds volume and helps your ring to really make a statement! Notice in the ring below that the smaller surrounding diamonds are the same oval cut as the featured diamond. You do not have to have them all the same cut but some cuts are more complementary next to others. Our jewelers can help you decide on the perfect size and cut if you want to update your wedding ring by adding surrounding diamonds!

oval cut diamond ring

Ring Wraps


Ring wraps, also called ring enhancers, ring guards, or curved rings, are designed to be paired with a solitaire gemstone ring which makes them perfect for wedding rings! They help to elegantly protect the wedding ring and also elevate the style and sparkle of the center gemstone. You can choose from many different gemstone colors or choose to use only diamonds. We can also custom design ring wraps to make your wedding ring update completely unique to you!

emerald, pink, and dark blue ring wraps displayed on each side of a solitaire diamond ring

a ring wrap with a diamond in the middle and green, pink, and dark blue accents surrounding the diamond
This ring wrap is actually three separate rings. Combined together they make a bold statement!


Custom Design 


As the love has grown between you and your spouse since your wedding, so have your taste and style preferences. Perhaps you would love to custom-design an entirely new wedding ring! The jewelers at Isbell specialize in custom-designed jewelry and can help bring your vision to life! 

Stop by our showroom or browse our custom jewelry collection online. We would love to help you update your wedding ring to something you will continue to treasure and love for years to come! 


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