Choosing the Right Necklace for Every Neckline

Woman holding necklaces in her hand while trying to choose the right necklace for her neckline

Choosing the right jewelry to go with your outfit can be frustrating! The jewelers at Isbell want to help! We have created this helpful guide to choosing the right necklace for every neckline! Once you find the perfect pairing, you will be feeling fabulous and on your way!   Different Types of Necklines   Ever-changing […]

Trend Alert: Gorgeous Ring Wraps!

ring wraps displayed on each side of a solitaire diamond ring

Ring wraps are becoming more and more popular for two reasons: protection and personalization! Not only do ring wraps help secure your diamond solitaire ring and protect it, but they also personalize it to enhance your own style! Let’s take a look at this jewelry trend and learn all we need to know about ring […]

The Right Earrings for Every Face Shape

woman choosing the right earrings for every face shape

You are probably familiar with styling clothing to be most flattering to your body shape. Did you know that you can style earrings to be most flattering to the shape of your face also? Let’s do a deep dive into choosing the right earrings for every face shape!    What is Your Face Shape?   […]

Graduation Gift Ideas

graduation cap and sign that reads congrats grad

Our 2021 graduates have a lot to be proud of after this past year! When choosing a gift to celebrate their achievements, any addition to their jewelry collection is sure to be a hit!  We have put together some jewelry inspiration to help you decide on the perfect graduation gift!    Why Jewelry?   The […]

Fancy Cut Diamonds

a fancy cut diamond ring set on a black background

    Clarity and color play a big role in the brilliance of a diamond, but the cut of the diamond is what pulls it all together! Deemed “fancy cut diamonds” by the jewelers, let’s look at these diamond-cut options and all they have to offer.    Brilliance, Clarity, and Color Explained When diamond shopping, […]

Diamonds: The April Birthstone

April birthstone a diamond

The April birthstone is the ever-popular diamond! Diamond gemstones are timeless classics that have stood the test of time. Let’s learn more about the sparkling gems and how they came to be the April birthstone. The Origin of the April Birthstone It is not clear how each month received its birthstone designation but the tradition […]

Why Every Girl Needs Diamond Stud Earrings!

a pair of diamond stud earrings

While jewelry styles and tastes may vary, every girl needs a pair of diamond stud earrings in her collection. Diamond studs are timeless, practical, and beautiful and the perfect combination of style and elegance. Whether it is a birthday, graduation, anniversary, or a “just because I love you” gift, diamond studs are sure to bring […]

The March Birthstone: Aquamarine

aquamarine and diamond ring on a woman's finger

Praised for its sparkle, luster, and brilliant blue color, the aquamarine gemstone is the birthstone for those born in March. It is also the gemstone to celebrate a 19th wedding anniversary. Whether a birthday, wedding, or an “I love you” gift, aquamarine is sure to be a valued addition to any jewelry collection.  Aquamarine Origins […]

Platinum Jewelry: Stylish, Elegant and Durable

platinum wedding rings

When choosing engagement rings, wedding rings, or any other fine jewelry, the type of metal used is always a big decision. Yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold are always popular choices, but what about platinum? Platinum jewelry has many amazing qualities that may make it the best choice for your next jewelry purchase. Platinum […]

The Best Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is a day to shower your special someone with love and romance. As one of the most romantic days of the year, consider giving your loved one one of the most romantic gifts to celebrate! While chocolate and flowers are good, jewelry will last a lifetime, just like your love for them.  Beautifully […]