Resizing your Christmas Gifts


When trying to surprise someone you love with a beautiful ring or another piece of jewelry for Christmas, it’s hard to be 100% sure it is going to fit. The excitement of receiving a stunning new ring can quickly fade when you realize it because it doesn’t fit. But there’s no need to worry or […]

How to Get Your Partner’s Ring Size in Secret

man holding a diamond engagement ring

You finally decided to get down on one knee and POP THE QUESTION! But there’s just one catch, you don’t know your partner’s ring size. The simple solution would be to ask, but if you want your proposal to remain a surprise at all, and not leave your partner suspicious, you will need to be […]

4 FAQs about Gold Jewelry

gold bands

What everyone wants to know Gold jewelry has and will continue to be a staple to any jewelry collection. If you are like most people, you love the look, but when it comes to making a purchase or even selling an item, you have a lot of questions! It’s hard to know where to begin […]

Caring for Your Gold Jewelry

gold pendant necklaces

Gold jewelry is all the rave this fall with so many different and fun ways to style it! It’s important to know the best ways to care for these valuable pieces. In order to get the most wear out of these pieces, we are sharing valuable tips for caring for your gold jewelry. Caring for […]

Honoring Loved Ones with Jewelry

gold pendant next to perfume and a rose

Since social media has become the norm in our everyday lives, there have been countless stories shared of both lost and found jewelry. Many of them like this recent one from South Carolina have happy endings with owners being reunited with their beloved jewelry. After the loss of his wife to colon cancer 4 years […]

How to Buy Diamond Earrings

diamond stud earrings

Every girl needs a pair of diamond stud earrings. It’s the perfect accessory to have because it goes with anything and can be worn on any occasion. They are classy and elegant and will compliment any outfit. That being said, it can be overwhelming to try and pick out the perfect pair. It’s especially difficult […]