The Best Jewelry for St. Patrick’s Day!

March 17th is coming up! Celebrate in style with the best jewelry for St. Patrick’s Day. Today we are sharing tips for styling your green gemstone jewelry and styling other jewelry with your green apparel! 


Green Gemstone Jewelry for St. Patrick’s Day

For an elegant touch of green, you want to style emerald, jade, or peridot gemstone jewelry! 


Wearing your emerald jewelry on St. Patrick’s day is a beautiful choice! The beautiful green hues pair well with both yellow-gold and white metals. As always, choose a jewelry focal point and style your outfit around it. 

Emerald gemstones shaped like a 4 leaf clover for St. Patrick's Day



Green jade gemstones are a rich mix of blue-green hues. Imperial jade is the classic green color you may know best. Jade does not offer the same brilliance and sparkle as emeralds. For a classy and casual look, jade is a great choice for St. Patrick’s Day jewelry. 

a green jade ring in yellow gold with diamond surround to wear on St. Patrick's Day



Peridot is a beautiful green gemstone that boasts a bright yellow-green hue. It does have a strong brilliance and sparkle but with the dramatically different hue of green, peridot would a fun and playful jewel to wear on St. Patrick’s Day!

bright green peridot gemstones with a black background


Jewelry to Complement Your St. Patrick’s Day Green!


If you have a green top, sweater, or dress that you plan to wear on St. Patrick’s day, you will want to style your jewelry around that gorgeous green color. Below are some beautiful gemstones and jewelry tips for pairing with green outfits!


Yellow Gold and White Gold


If you are wearing a darker green color on St. Patrick’s day, a yellow-gold metal may complement the color scheme of your outfit. The rich gold color pairs beautifully with a deep green. If you are opting for a lighter green ensemble, a white or silver metal will keep the look lighthearted and happy! 




Diamonds pair well with just about any color and would look gorgeous next to green clothing. White metals give a cool-toned look to your ensemble and yellow golds will warm it up. Yellow golds also give a nod to the “pot o’ gold” at the end of the rainbow! 

a collage of images with a woman wearing a green top and diamond jewelry at the bottom showing the best jewelry for St. Patrick's Day




The beautiful purple hue of amethyst gemstones pairs beautifully with rich green colors in your clothing! Pairing amethyst jewelry with your St. Patrick’s day green attire will be a stunning and outside-the-box look!

A collage of images with a woman in a green dress surrounded by amethyst jewelry for St. Patrick's Day

Rubies and Pink Sapphires


The rich red hues of ruby gemstones are a complementary color to green. This means they are opposite on the color wheel. The contrast makes rubies with green a strong combination. Careful with rubies not to overdo it though…we are celebrating St. Patrick’s day and too much can resemble Christmas!


Pink Sapphires with green clothing add a soft feminine touch. The delicate pinks contrast just enough with a beautiful green dress or top! 

A collage of images with a woman wearing green with ruby and pink sapphire jewelry under it

Isbell Jewelers is Your Pot of Gold for Jewelry for St. Patrick’s Day!


Stop by our showroom and browse our beautiful collection of gemstone jewelry, antique and vintage jewelry, and custom-designed jewelry. Our professionals love helping our customers choose jewelry for special occasions! We can help style your St. Patrick’s Day jewelry so you have the best luck and the best look when you celebrate!


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