Jewelry Styling Tips: Choose a Jewelry Focal Point

In the world of art and design, a strong focal point is essential. The same is true when styling a great outfit! Choosing a jewelry focal point can turn an outfit from simple to stunning! So how do you choose a jewelry focal point? We have put together a few jewelry styling tips to help you create a strong jewelry focal point that will help you leave the house feeling confident and beautiful!

Consider All the Jewelry You are Wearing


As much as you may want to wear all your gorgeous jewelry at the same time, try to use a little restraint! When you are styling a jewelry focal point, it is important to choose one single focal point. The focal point is the area you want the viewer to focus their attention. We have all been in situations where our attention is overwhelmed and we don’t know where to look. It is exhausting. When choosing a jewelry focal point you want to find the perfect balance between not too much and not too little. 


If you want to wear strong dangling earrings, pair them with a simple necklace. If you are wearing a statement necklace, choose simpler earrings. Overwhelming your outfit with several strong jewelry statements causes the eye to be drawn everywhere and nowhere at the same time! In the same sense, having no jewelry focal point leads the eye to nowhere. This means no drama, no flair, and nothing to catch your eye. The best outfits have a single strong jewelry focal point. If you want to create a strong jewelry focal point, choose one jewelry area to focus on and let the rest of your jewelry coordinate and support the focal point. 


Contrast & Coordination With a Jewelry Focal Point


There is a saying in the interior design world “Contrast is queen if you want to be seen!” The same can be applied to choosing a jewelry focal point. in the jewelry world, contrast can be applied to gemstone colors, metal colors, and the colors in your outfit. Contrast does not simply apply to polar opposite colors such as white pearls with a black dress, although this is a great example of contrasting colors. Contrast with a jewelry focal point simply means choosing gemstones and/or metals that will pop against the colors of your skin tone, hair color, or outfit but also coordinate to give you the strongest possible look. 


Skin Tones 


If you have a cooler skin tone, then light-colored metals like white gold, platinum, or silver will look best and pop against your skin. If you have a warmer skin tone, then metals like yellow gold, rose gold, copper, and brass look best near your skin. If you have a neutral skin tone, you are blessed to look best wearing any of the metals. 


Hair Color


When choosing gemstone earrings as your jewelry focal point consider how the stone will look against your hair. Gemstone colors can pop and provide a wonderful contrast against your hair color. 


Green and yellow gemstones look great on brunettes pulling the warmer hues from your hair with just enough wow factor. Pastel gemstones such as blue tourmaline, aquamarine, and pink topaz will dazzle next to blonde hair! For dark brown or black hair, warm-colored gemstones such as rubies and orange topaz provide gorgeous contrast against dark hair. Redheads look fabulous with emerald gemstone earrings and for silver or white hair, purple amethyst is a beautiful match highlighting your silver hues. 


Don’t limit yourself to wearing certain colored gemstones only because of your hair color! If you feel fabulous and have a balanced jewelry focal point then you will shine in whatever jewelry you choose to wear! 


The Colors of Your Outfit


Finally, choose a metal or gemstone color that will create some contrast with your outfit colors. Following the same trends above for skin tone or hair color, choose a coordinating gemstone color with a color from your outfit. For example, selecting diamonds or any colored gemstone in yellow gold with a white outfit will stand out, but choosing the same with a white metal next to the white outfit may cause it all to muddy together. Black or darker outfits look great with cool-toned lighter metals but can also be jaw-dropping when paired with bold yellow gold! For print patterns in your clothing, choose one color within the print and choose your gemstones to coordinate with it!


Where Should My Jewelry Focal Point Be?


Many wonder “Where should my jewelry focal point be?” The short answer is “wherever you want!” but there are some things to consider. If you are wearing your hair up, your earrings would be a wonderful jewelry focal point. Choose a style of earrings that will complement your face shape and choose a simpler necklace, ring, and/or bracelet. Let the earrings be the star of the show! 


If you are wearing a dress or top with a certain neckline and want your necklace to be your jewelry focal point, consider the style of necklace that goes with your neckline. Then choose a simpler earring style such as studs or simple drop earrings. 


If you want rings or bracelets to be your jewelry focal point, you can choose to wear multiple rings on many fingers! It is ok to mix metals on those rings also. Dress up your jeans, simple top, and beautiful nails with all your gorgeous rings at once, or choose a strong statement ring to highlight your outfit. Because your rings are worn so far from your face, you can wear a stronger pair of earrings or a statement necklace. Just be sure to keep balance in mind. For bracelets, a collection of bangles is always eyecatching and creates a beautiful focal point! 


Isbell Jewelers Can Help Style Your Jewelry Focal Point!


Stop by our showroom to browse our beautiful collection of fine jewelry. We can help you choose and style the perfect jewelry focal point. Our experts can guide you in choosing jewelry with contrast that complements your skin and hair helping you to feel beautiful, confident, and stylish when you walk out the door!

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