Things to Consider When Having Custom Jewelry Made

Have you been dreaming of having custom jewelry made? Do you have a special occasion and want the perfect jewelry to commemorate it? Perhaps a proposal is in your future and you want a unique and bespoke ring just for you! Whatever the reason, Isbell Jewelers can bring your inspiration to life! We have been creating custom jewelry for over 40 years and are Birmingham’s leader in custom jewelry design! 


There are a few things to consider when having custom jewelry made. We make the process as easy as possible. These tips will help us bring your unique vision to life! 


Communicating Your Vision When Having Custom Jewelry Made


As with all things, communication is critical when having custom jewelry made. While some may know exactly what they want to be designed, others may need help communicating it. Sketches, no matter how good, are always welcomed during the design process. Remember this is only the first step of the 5 step custom jewelry process when having custom jewelry made. Our artist will create a sketch of your inspiration for you and then a wax replica before any jewelry is created!


Create a Custom Jewelry Pinterest Board


Do you know you want a custom jewelry design but having trouble deciding the details of what you want? We recommend taking a cue from the interior design world by making a Pinterest board for your custom jewelry. Pinterest is a free platform that allows you to browse images and links easily and collect them by “pinning” them into a collection. 


First search for jewelry ideas on Pinterest. If you know you want a custom-designed ring, ruby gemstone, or diamond pendant, narrow that search even more and begin pinning. Pin any images that you like even if you can’t explain the details of why you like them. After pinning 50-100 jewelry images to your board, look at the entire board at once and notice any trends you see. Do more pins have yellow gold than white? Do more have a specific cut to your gemstone? Are more pins inspired by a specific jewelry style such as vintage or modern? These are all clues to what style of jewelry you truly love and can help you design custom jewelry that you will cherish forever. 


Let the Professionals Help You Design the Jewelry of Your Dreams!


If you are still unsure of what you want our talented jewelry designers can help you with suggestions! Our showroom jewelry is sure to inspire you and help you make decisions to communicate with our artist for the first step of the custom jewelry process! 


Consider the Size, Stone, & Style


When having custom jewelry made you need to consider the size, stone, and style you would like. You don’t need to have all the detailed answers when you first begin the custom jewelry design process but having a general idea will help us with our design process.


Size refers not only to the karat size of the gemstone but also to the size of the jewelry you will be wearing. How long is the pendant necklace? How far will the earrings dangle? How wide or high is the ring on your finger? Consider what activities you will be doing when you wear this jewelry. Is it something you want to wear every day or is it for a special occasion?


Consider the type of stone and the cut. Gemstones are rated on their level of hardness on the Mohs scale. The cut of the gemstone, known as fancy cuts, can determine its setting, stability, brilliance, and more. Depending on the design, one gemstone cut may be a better choice than another. Our jewelry professionals will give insights and options based on your desired cut. 


Consider the style when having your custom jewelry made. Do you prefer an ornate vintage style or a sleek and modern look? Knowing what you like can help the process along more quickly. 


Consider the Metal


The final thing to consider when having custom jewelry made is metal. Like gemstones, certain metals are more durable than others. Knowing what activities will be most likely to happen when wearing the jewelry may influence your choice of metal. If the custom jewelry is for everyday wear, such as an engagement ring or wedding band, you may want to consider a more durable metal. 


Consider any skin sensitivities you may have to metals. Having a skin reaction to your beautiful custom jewelry is the last thing you want to happen! 


Isbell Jewelers is Birmingham’s Leader in Custom Jewelry


Our professionals at Isbell Jewelers are ready to help you bring your custom jewelry vision to life. Once we have details of what you want, our artist will make a beautiful sketch. Then a wax replica will be made and once approved by you, our jewelers will begin making your jewelry! Stop by our showroom to see other custom jewelry made by Isbell or begin the process of creating your own unique jewelry!

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