Styling Your Jewelry for Valentines’ Day

February is a month of celebrating love! No matter if you are celebrating with friends, loved ones, first dates, or your forever love, we want to make sure you feel and look fabulous while doing it! Here are some tips and inspiration for styling your jewelry for Valentines’ Day! 

A Vintage Flair!

Consider pulling your beautiful vintage jewelry to wear on Valentines’ Day. There is something about the nod to our past that pulls all the romantic feelings out! Vintage jewelry from the victorian era reminds us of days of chivalry and romance. Jewelry from the Roarin’ ’20s reminds us of fun, dancing, and fabulous parties. Art Deco-inspired jewelry lends a sophisticated edge to any ensemble!

Heirloom vintage jewelry can be especially meaningful when we wear it on special occasions. A grandmother’s necklace or mother’s ring can make the evening feel all the more special. Special celebrations call for special jewelry! Don’t leave that beautiful jewelry in your jewelry box! 

Go Big and Bold!

If there is ever a time to wear your fine beautiful jewelry, a special night out like Valentines’ Day is it! Wearing a bold statement necklace, ring, or pair of earrings is the perfect way to feel gorgeous as you celebrate love. The biggest thing to keep in mind when styling big and bold jewelry is to choose one jewelry focal point of our outfit. 

Gemstone Jewelry for Valentines’ Day

From a traditional look to breaking all the rules, be inspired with these popular gemstones to wear on your special night out!

Classic and Elegant Pearls

Pearls jewelry is a beautiful choice to wear when celebrating Valentines’ Day. Pearls are timeless, elegant, and sophisticated. Choose a traditional look with a classic pearl necklace or add some flair with colored or natural pearls. Vintage pearl jewelry nods to the romantic Victorian era and pink pearls are a beautiful twist on the traditional white pearls if you want a more flirty and fun look! 

a collage of pearl jewelry showing how to style your jewelry for Valentines Day


There is no disputing that red is the color of the Valentine season. Why not celebrate your night out with red gemstones? Rubies are a beautiful choice and pair well with yellow gold. A ruby gemstone pendant paired with ruby earrings or a statement ring will look stylish and romantic!

A collage of ruby gemstone jewelry showing how to style your jewelry for Valentines Day


If rubies are not exactly you or you want to step a bit out of tradition, garnets are another red gemstone you could style on Valentines’ Day. Garnets have slightly less sparkle than rubies and give a different red hue similar to the pomegranate fruit.  

a collage of garnet gemstone jewelry

Pink Sapphires

If deep red gemstones are not your style this Valentine’s consider the lustrous pink sapphire gemstone! These gemstones give a delicate and feminine air to any outfit. Pair them with pearls or diamonds for an unforgettable look!

a collage of pink sapphire jewelry


The beauty of purple amethyst is a great choice for jewelry for Valentines’ Day too! The purple takes a step from the traditional red colors but still feels appropriate and looks gorgeous! Amethyst earrings look especially eye-catching when worn against lighter-colored or white hair.

A collage of amethyst jewelry


Diamonds are always a perfect choice no matter the occasion! Wearing diamond jewelry for Valentines’ day can be an elegant formal style or a dramatic and stunning style depending on how you style them! Pair diamond jewelry with yellow gold jewelry by layering necklaces or bracelets for a fun look or opt for a diamond pendant with a v-neck solid top or dress for a minimal but high-impact look! 

A collage of diamond jewelry perfect for Valentines' day

Let Isbell Help with Styling Your Jewelry for Valentines’ Day! 

The most important thing to remember when choosing your jewelry for Valentines’ Day or any special occasion is that you must love yourself first and foremost. A confident woman is a beautiful woman! We know that looking good on the outside can boost that confidence even more. Our professionals at Isbell can help with choosing the right jewelry so you are walking with confidence no matter where you are going. Stop by our showroom or browse our collection online for inspiration! 

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