The Best Prom Jewelry Styling Tips!

You have found a gorgeous prom dress-it’s time to style your prom jewelry! Prom is such a special event in the life of young women and you want to look and feel absolutely gorgeous! We are sharing our best prom jewelry styling tips to help you on your special night out


Choose Your Jewelry Focal Point


Just as with any outfit styling you first want to choose your jewelry focal point. Focal points draw attention to one area and create a cohesive look. This does not mean you can only wear jewelry in one place but instead balance the look by choosing one main jewelry focal point and daintier complementary jewelry in other places. 


Prom jewelry focal points are usually the necklace or the earrings. Bracelets and rings add to the look. This is not a hard and fast rule though! Statement bracelets and rings can be your jewelry focal point if that is the style you are wanting! 

Girl turned to the side in her prom dress with long earrings on

Colored Gemstones, Diamonds, or Pearls?


Prom dresses come in so many beautiful colors! You want to make sure your prom jewelry is cohesive and complementary to your dress. The best prom jewelry is either white diamonds or colored gemstones in a similar hue of your dress. Pearls are also an elegant option! White diamonds are elegant and complement any colored prom dress but if you want a different look consider the following gemstones for your prom dress


Red dresses- rubies, garnets, 

Green dresses- emeralds, peridot, 

Blue dresses- blue sapphires, aquamarine, tourmaline

Pink dresses- pink sapphires

Yellow dresses- yellow diamonds or yellow sapphires

Black dresses- Diamonds, pearls, or a pop of color of your choice

White dresses- Diamonds, or any colored gemstone of choice

close up view of a blonde teen in her prom dress wearing pearl and diamond pendant earrings

teenage girl in her violet lace prom dress wearing diamond and amethyst earrings



Prom Necklaces


When choosing your necklace to wear, you should consider the neckline of your dress. Here is a graphic showing the most common necklines for your reference.

guide showing different types of necklines found in women's clothing

If your prom dress is strapless (sweetheart, straight across, or off-shoulder), has spaghetti straps, or a queen Anne style, all styles of necklaces will complement your outfit. Choker necklaces, shorter pendant necklaces, longer pendant necklaces, or a beautiful strand of pearls all look wonderful.


 If you are wearing a V-neck style, then your aim is to repeat the style of your neckline drawing attention downward. A gorgeous pendant necklace is your go-to necklace. 


Rounded necklines such as cowl necks are best complimented by shorter necklaces. Pick a bit of sparkle that hangs just above the dress. 


Square necklines are often best suited for geometric pendants but be careful not to go too harsh with all the straight lines. 


If your prom dress has a high neckline or a lot of beautiful embellishments, you may decide to forego a necklace altogether and opt for other prom jewelry such as earrings, bracelets, and rings. 

For more details on choosing the best necklace for your prom dress, visit our blog post Choosing the Right Necklace for Every Neckline. 

teen girl in her prom dress wearing a teal dress and a pendant necklace with diamond earrings

girl in emerald green prom dress seated with an emerald statement necklace and long emerald earrings

Prom Earrings


Gorgeous earrings are a must-have for prom jewelry! The style of earrings you choose depends on your hairstyle, dress color, and necklace choice. Earrings frame the face and catch attention!


If you are wearing your hair down, you can go with a larger bolder earring choice to frame your face. If you are wearing your hair up, you could choose a smaller daintier pair of earrings, especially if you are wearing a bolder necklace. 


If your dress is a bold color, opt for classic diamond, neutral metals like gold, white gold, or rose gold, or a gemstone in the hue of your dress! If your dress is a neutral color like black, white, gray, or brown, you can opt for a splash of colored gemstone to really call attention through contrast! 


If you are wearing a bolder necklace then you may want to balance that with a more delicate pair of earrings and if your earrings are your jewelry focal point then you can balance that with a more delicate necklace or none at all! 

2 young girls smile and laugh in their prom dresses wearing statement earrings

Close up of a young girl in a red prom dress with long diamond earrings for her prom jewelry

Prom Bracelets and Rings


If your dress has sleeves, you may choose to forego bracelets altogether and choose a beautiful ring.  If your dress is shorter sleeves or sleeveless, have all the fun you want with gorgeous bracelets. Consider balancing rings on one hand and bracelets on the other for a more polished look. Corsages are normally worn on the left wrist but this rule is not set in stone. Keep this in mind when styling your prom jewelry. 

Young girl in her prom dress with hand under her chin showing off her prom bracelets

Woman smiling in her red prom dress with hand on her hip.

Prom Jewelry Lasts a Lifetime!


Prom jewelry is not only for prom. This fine jewelry will become a staple in your jewelry collection and perhaps even a family heirloom! There will be many future formal events in the lives of young women. Having fine jewelry to celebrate those events is a must! Our Jewelers at Isbell have been helping style prom jewelry for over 40 years! Stop by our showroom or browse our online collection for inspiration.  

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