The Right Jewelry for Your Color Season!

Color seasons are very popular now and can help you choose the best look with your clothing but what about choosing the best jewelry? Today we are taking a deep dive into what color seasons are and how to choose the right jewelry for your color season! 


If you already know what your color season is, scroll down to learn more about the best jewelry for your color season. If you have no idea what a color season is at all, keep reading here! 


First, What Are Color Seasons?


In 1987, a book was published called Color Me Beautiful: Discover Your Natural Beauty Through the Colors That Make You Look Great and Feel Fabulous, and the phrase “your color season” was born. The book divides your physical appearance into 4 color seasons based on your hair color, eye color, and skin undertone. Then helps you to choose shades of colored clothing that flatter you the most. 


More recently, trends on Instagram and TikTok have skyrocketed the popularity of “learning your color season,” “having a color analysis” and “choosing clothing based on your season.” Color Season professionals offer courses and you can pay to have your color season decoded along with a list of the most flattering colors to choose for your closet. 


A Quick Look at Physical Traits with Color Seasons


The biggest factor in learning your color season is your skin undertone- not skin tone. The undertone is either warm, cool, or neutral. The simplest way to find your undertone is to look at the veins on the inside of your wrist. If they are blue or purple you have cool undertones. If they are more greenish you have warm undertones. If you cannot tell either way you may have neutral undertones. 


If you are a Spring, you have warmer skin undertones, lighter hair color and lighter eye color, little contrast between skin, hair color, and eye color-slight contrast but nothing stark.

  • Your colors are clear, delicate, or bright with yellow undertones.


If you are a Summer, you have cooler skin undertones, lighter hair color, and eye color, and some contrast between skin, hair color, and eye color. 

  • Cool, soft colors with blue undertones are right for you.


If you are an Autumn, you have warmer skin undertones, dark hair, dark eyes, and very little contrast between skin, hair, and eye color- a soft blend of all the features. 

  • You look best in stronger colors with orange and gold undertones


If you are a Winter, you have cooler skin undertones, darker hair, vibrant eye color, and higher contrast with skin, hair color, and eye color. 

  • Clear, vivid, or icy colors with blue undertones make you look best.


The color seasons have grown from 4 to even more detailed (warm summer vs cold summer etc) but today we will focus on the 4 main color seasons.


The Best Jewelry for Your Color Season


Certain metals complement skin undertones more than others but don’t let that stop you! Below are the guidelines for choosing metal jewelry for your color season


Jewelry Metals for Your Color Season


If you are a Spring or an Autumn, yellow gold jewelry and rose gold jewelry will look best on you! The warm tones of the yellow metal naturally draw out the warm tones of your skin and give you a glowing look. 


If you are a Winter or a Summer, silver, white gold, and platinum will look best with your cool undertones. The silver accents the blue tones present in your skin and evens your skin tone out!


Don’t be afraid to mix metals no matter your season! To get your best look, choose your jewelry focal point in the metal that looks best with your color season, and then mix the other metal to get your desired look! 


Gemstones For Your Color Season

A confident woman exudes beauty no matter what she is wearing so don’t stop wearing your beloved jewelry if it doesn’t follow these guidelines! That being said, here are some gemstones that accent your color season best!


Gemstones for Spring Color Season


The spring color season looks great in a variety of gemstone colors. Your best choices may be narrowed down by your hair color. Most spring season people have hair lighter that is medium brown or lighter with warm tones. (Platinum blonde and white are considered cool tones.) so green and yellow gemstones such as emeralds and yellow sapphires look great on springs. Blonder hair looks great with pastel-colored gemstones such as pink topaz, aquamarine, and lighter emerald gemstones. 


Gemstones for Summer Color Season


Summer color seasoned people really shine in shimmering gemstones such as pearls, (white, pink, and lavender) aquamarine, opal and moonstone, pink sapphires, paler green emeralds, amethysts, or pale blue sapphires. Diamonds look great on summers also!


Gemstones for Autumn Color Season


Autumn color seasoned people look best in opaque gemstones, earthy stones, wood, leather and other textiles. turquoise, amber, jade, and garnet really ground them and give them a fabulous look.  Deep rubies and yellow sapphire or topaz also accentuate their warm hues. 


Gemstones for Winter Color Season


Just like the snow sparkles in winter, winter color season people look best in bright and shimmering gemstones. If you are a winter, diamonds will be your best friend! You will also look great in lighter blue sapphires, deep amethysts, emeralds, and aquamarine- Any gemstone with a shimmering translucent gemstone would accent the sparkle of your skin!


Let the Professionals Help You Choose Jewelry for Your Color Season

The professionals at Isbell Jewelers have been styling and designing jewelry for our clients for over 40 years. They can easily help you choose or design beautiful fine jewelry that enhances your natural look the very best! Stop by our showroom, browse our beautiful collections, and speak with our expert jewelers to find the perfect gemstones for your collection!

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