Guide to Selling Your Jewelry, Gold and Other Pieces

If you have ever had any questions about selling gold, today is your lucky day! We have addressed many frequently asked questions about the process and created Isbell’s guide to selling your jewelry, gold and so much more.

We have all seen the signs “We Buy Gold” or “Sell Your Jewelry” in shop windows, online, or even in a printed flyer. Images of pieces of jewelry long unworn and long forgotten in your jewelry box pop into mind and you consider letting them go….the money would be nice…but then you realize you have no idea how the process works, what kinds of pieces they would accept if you can trust them to give a fair price, and then talk yourself out of it because of all the unknowns. Let this be the end of the unknowns!

What Items Can be Sold?

Whether it is an old out of style piece of jewelry that you have been hanging onto knowing that you will never wear, broken pieces that you do not want to have repaired, coins you have had for years, or even silverware that you are ready to let go, all can be sold. There are no minimums required and almost any piece that you bring in can hold value. You could always redesign a piece as we discussed in our last post but any of the following could be worth a precious penny when selling:

  • Gold, silver, platinum pieces- can be broken or intact
  • Diamond and other gemstone pieces
  • Gold or silver coins
  • Earrings (both pairs and lost singles)
  • Antique/Vintage Jewelry (we love this at Isbell!)
  • Miscellaneous scrap gold pieces
  • Dental Gold

How Do You Determine What it is Worth?

This is the part where we say it matters who you sell your pieces to and we mean it. You want to sell your pieces to a company that has been in business for decades not one that has popped up overnight. Online or phone buyers have no way of knowing exactly what your pieces are without having them in hand. A respected jeweler knows what to look for and knows what it is worth. We have been in business since 1982 and have been buying pieces for almost just as long. When you bring a piece to us, we will inspect it based on several different criteria. We do this right there in front of you. You can trust that we will give an honest assessment and then, in turn, offer an honest price for your pieces. Consumer Reports addressed this very question and emphasized going with a reputable jewelry store over a pop-up store or online ad when selling.

When Do I get Payment For Selling Jewelry?

After inspecting your pieces with you in-store, we can offer a price and if accepted, can cut a check for you that day. It is as easy as that! Be wary of the internet or phone payment estimates-they are often inflated and decrease dramatically once you send your pieces off to the company. That’s another reason to trust Isbell when it comes to selling your unwanted pieces. The payment you receive could also be applied as a credit towards another piece in our showroom if you have your eye on something special.

Isbell’s Guide to Selling Your Jewelry

We hope your questions are answered and your insecurities erased after reading our guide to selling your jewelry. Our expert team of jewelers is ready and waiting to help you get the most for your unwanted or broken gold. Take a look through your jewelry boxes and collector’s trunks to see if you have anything you might like to let go of then stop by our store to get an honest assessment of the pieces. You may leave for home with your wallet a little heavier- just in time for the holidays!

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