Bring Your Old Jewelry Back to Life!

It is time to bring your old jewelry back to life! We all have pieces of jewelry tucked away that we no longer wear. Maybe it is just not our style, or maybe it was from a time in our past that held different people in it that are no longer in the picture.  Whatever the reason you no longer wear it, these pieces should not go to waste hiding away in your jewelry box. Here at Isbell we are passionate about our custom jewelry design and would love to help you reinvent the jewelry to something you love! 

The Process

  1. Bring in your old piece or new idea. The sky is the limit. If you are feeling blocked but just know that you want something new, our team can help guide you with ideas until you know exactly what you want. We also take into account the strength of your current piece. Some stones are very hard and easily reset in a new design but some are on the softer side. You can always check the Mohs scale to get an idea of the hardness of your gemstones.
  2. We’ll take your vision and sketch out a design by hand. This is the fun part for us! We will make sure your new piece is a strong design in a style you love. Once approved by you, we move to the next step.
  3. From that hand-sketch, we’ll input the information into our CAD system. CAD stands for “computer-aided design” and is used by engineers, architects, and designers. It aids design in a wide range of areas (jewelry to furniture to airplanes!)  Then we will create a wax replica of your new piece for the final inspection.
  4. We’ll then cast your new piece of jewelry! Using the highest quality materials and precise care, we will bring your new jewelry to life!
  5. Then you can come to the store and pick up your beautiful piece of custom jewelry!


The Most Common Reasons for Redesigning Old Jewelry

“It is not our style”

Jewelry is a very personal thing. It instantly changes our mood when worn. This can be amazing when wearing a piece makes you feel good and stylish, but not when the piece feels out of style and almost burdensome when you put it on. We can help you create a piece that you will love every time you lay eyes on it.

“Sentimental Value”

Jewelry passed down through families holds strong sentimental value. Even if you are not in love with the old design, restyling it holds the sentimentality and revives its use! Your loved ones would want you to wear it with pride and remember them. Redesigning also adds to the story of the piece. 

Perhaps you have a piece that you would like to pass on to your children or grandchildren but you can’t find a diplomatic way of deciding which child or grandchild gets the piece. We can take your piece and redesign it into several smaller pieces. Everyone then gets a piece of your beloved jewelry.

“Life changed…”

Gifts of jewelry often accompany hallmarks in life such as engagements, weddings, birthdays and other occasions. They carry the joy of the time with them. Life and people change and sometimes the joy is stolen through breakups, divorce or even death. Those once joyous pieces can be seats of pain when we lay eyes on them but at the same time, we cannot seem to let them go. Reinvent your jewelry and reinvent the joy that comes in wearing it.

Whatever your reason for wanting to redesign your old piece of jewelry, we are here to bring your old jewelry back to life!  Since 1982, we have been serving our customers with quality service and designs. Stop by with your jewelry (or just your idea for a new piece!) and let us get started on bringing your design to life!

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