Jewelry Glossary – Know the Right Words to Say

Navigating the world of jewelry and trying to find the perfect ring can be difficult, especially when you don’t know the lingo. Here are some key terms for you to know from our jewelry glossary that will help you navigate the search process!


Cuts: Cut refers to the way that the gemstone is shaped. There are lots of different cuts that will be covered later in the article.

Stone: Stones are the type of gem used in the ring. There are many different stones that can be used including diamond, sapphires, rubies and more!

Setting: The setting is the way that the gems are arranged and held into a ring. There are many different types of setting such as prong settings, solitaire settings, pavé settings, and more.

Karat: This refers to the amount of pure gold in the ring. Fine jewelry is generally 10, 14, or 18 karats.

Facet: A facet is a flat, polished surface that is cut on a gemstone. Facets are cut in order to improve light refraction and reflection so that the gem shines brighter.


Round Cut: A round cut gemstone looks round from the top view. From a side view it looks like a cone and has 58 facets.

Princess Cut: This cut looks like a square from the top view and has triangular or kite shaped facets.

Pear Cut: The Pear cut is shaped to resemble a drop of water.

Cushion Cut: Cushion cut is similar to the princess cut in that it is square in shape but with rounded edges.

Emerald Cut: This cut can be square, rectangular, or octagonal but has step cut facets giving it a clean-cut look.

Oval Cut: Oval cuts are simply shaped like an oval.


Eternity: An eternity band is one that has a continuous row of gems that circle the band.

Anniversary: Anniversary bands generally have three stones either in prong settings or channel settings.

Bypass Shank: A bypass shank is a style of ring where the two sides of the band do not meet directly but instead crisscross.


Solitaire: Solitaire rings feature one singular stone and emphasizes that stone by being simple and drawing attention directly to the stone.

Halo: A Halo is a ring that has a central stone and then is surrounded or encircled by smaller gems.

Wraps/Guards: Wraps and Guards are worn in conjunction with an engagement ring and cradles or wraps around the setting of the engagement ring. These can be used in addition to a wedding band or can be used as the wedding band itself.

Now that you know some of the basic lingo in our jewelry glossary for buying a ring, you can come to Isbell Jewelers and find the perfect 18k, round cut, halo, solitaire ring with a wrap to go with it!

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