Yellow Gold is Making a Comeback

Several years ago, the popularity of yellow gold took a downturn for several reasons. One is that the price of it had skyrocketed and many people were selling their gold jewelry to pocket the cash. Another reason was that it was incredibly popular in the 90s and earlier, so many people stopped buying it because they felt it was too “dated.” Whatever the reason for its loss of popularity, it seems that it is making a comeback! But why?

Yellow gold is making a comeback! But why?

For starters, the three most popular replacements for yellow gold have problems of their own. Sterling silver and white gold can be difficult to keep bright and luminous without consistent polishing. Platinum prices have gone through the roof over the years too. For older couples, sterling silver doesn’t seem worth the cost and for younger couples, platinum isn’t feasible. With that people are coming back to ole faithful, yellow gold.

We all know that style goes in cycles. What is popular now likely won’t be in ten years but will come back around sooner or later, and yellow gold is no different. It is a great option for engagement rings, not only because of its durability but because of its ability to complement almost all skin tones. Rose gold tends to be more of an understated look because it blends in more with the skin, but yellow gold makes a statement!

Another great thing about it is that it has a way of bringing out the beauty of the diamond in a ring. This is because yellow gold has a warmer tone and therefore the center diamond looks brighter. Because of the bright color of it, there is more contrast between the band and the stone which makes for a beautiful and eye-catching ring.

Different types of gold

Pure gold is very soft and has to be mixed with different metal alloys to be strong enough to make jewelry from. That is why there are different karats of gold. The types of karats correlate to how much of the metal is pure gold. If you’re getting a piece of jewelry that will get a lot of wear, we suggest 14k or 18k gold.

Everyone can find a piece of yellow gold jewelry that looks great on them and that they love! If you’re looking for a one of a kind piece of dazzling yellow gold jewelry, then come to Isbell Jewelers! We would love to find the perfect piece just for you! Be a trendsetter and help yellow gold make a comeback. We’d be happy to help!

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