How to Choose an Engagement Ring

Many women have spent years thinking about and planning their weddings. That includes figuring out what her perfect engagement ring looks like. No wonder buying an engagement ring is a bit stressful. If you’re looking to buy an engagement ring and want to make sure you make the right choice, here are a few things to consider.

What is Her Style?

The first thing to think about what her style is. Specifically, look at the jewelry that she usually wears and that should be able to help you determine what kind of engagement ring she would like. If she likes more dainty and minimal jewelry, then she might like a simple solitaire. If she never wears gold jewelry, then buying her a yellow gold engagement ring might not be the best choice. Trying to match her style will help ensure that you pick out something she loves and also will show that you put a lot of love and effort into picking it out.

Does She Have a Pinterest Board?

Pinterest tends to be a mostly female platform, so you might not have even thought about this. Pinterest is a platform where you can “pin” ideas of things you might want to do, or that you like to give you inspiration for certain events. Many women have a wedding board. If she does, then go check it out. Chances are she has pictures of rings that she likes and that can give you a good baseline to start looking for engagement rings.

What Size Engagement Ring to Buy

One of the biggest stressors is knowing what size ring to buy, but fear not, this article by Real Simple has some clever ideas to help you figure it out. One way to figure out her ring size is to try on one of the rings that she regularly wears. If her ring fits down to your first knuckle on a certain finger, then you can use that as a basic guide to figure out her ring size at the store.

If this is a little too imprecise for you, you can take a ring that she usually wears, and have it sized at the jewelers. This will give you the exact size, but remember, this takes some impressive sneakiness. If you’re still concerned, don’t worry, every ring can be resized.

How Much to Spend on an Engagement Ring

Expensive does not always equal better. Eravos suggests putting more emphasis on your ladies’ style than you do the price and to remember your budget. She won’t be impressed with how much money you spend especially if you break the bank. She will, however, be impressed with how beautiful the ring is and how thoughtful you were!

If you’re getting ready to make one of the most life-changing purchases of your life, then contact us at Isbell Jewelers. We’d love to be a part of helping you find the perfect engagement ring and making her dreams come true!

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