The Best Jewelry to Wear to Holiday Parties!

Christmas party season is in full swing and of course, you want to look your best! Here is Isbell’s Guide to the best jewelry to wear to holiday parties! Follow our tips and you are sure to stand out among the crowd!

Bold Gold Jewelry

Bring out your bold gold jewelry for your holiday parties and celebrate in style! Not only is bold gold jewelry trending this year on the runways, but it pairs beautifully with all the traditional colors of Christmas! Whether you are wearing red, green, black, gold, or silver, gold jewelry complements it well. When we say bold, we mean “BOLD!” Layer your bracelets or necklaces or opt for those chunkier earrings when choosing your jewelry to wear to holiday parties! Make a statement that not only is your jewelry bold but so are you! 

Right-Hand Rings

Christmas is a season of celebration and right-hand rings embody celebration. Meant to be a symbol of fun and women’s confidence, right-hand rings can be as wild and fun as you want them to be. Holiday parties are definitely the time to pull out the jewelry that makes you feel most beautiful and confident in yourself so if wearing a flashy ring on your right hand gives you those feelings be sure to adorn yourself! 

Glitz it Up!

From the fanciest of holiday dinners to the more relaxed settings of a holiday party, wearing your fine jewelry and gemstones are welcomed. Wear that gorgeous long gemstone pendant with your favorite V-neck sweater or your sparkling, brilliant-cut diamonds with your little black dress. You could choose gemstones that match the color of your outfit for a polished but elegant monochrome look like rubies with your soft red sweater, or you could choose an elegant blue sapphire to pair with that winter white dress. Both would look stunning! 

Jewelry trends of 2021 show that we are embracing the glamour of our jewelry. After a year of staying in, everyone is ready to get out and take advantage of life. Part of that is celebrating our gemstone collections by wearing them more often. Gone are the days where they are only reserved for the fanciest of occasions! Don’t be intimidated at the thought of wearing your best gemstones when choosing your jewelry to wear to holiday parties! 

Make it Cohesive

If you have your outfit chosen for the big party but can’t decide on what jewelry to wear, consider our guide to finding the right necklace with every neckline. Choosing an appropriate necklace length and style to go with your beautiful top or dress can be the icing on the cake for your beautiful ensemble. 

Similarly, you may want to consider which style of earrings best complement your face shape. While these are guidelines and not rules, they can help you conquer one more decision about your outfit confidently! 

Wear Your Vintage Jewelry to Holiday Parties

Vintage jewelry is always a showstopper! You can know for sure you will be the only one wearing your one-of-a-kind jewelry at the party also! In addition to its originality, there is a beautiful sentimental element to wearing vintage or antique jewelry, especially around the holidays. Wearing family heirloom jewelry can pay tribute to loved ones we may especially miss around the holidays! 


Whichever way you choose to accessorize for your holiday parties, it is important to be confident about it! The best jewelry to wear to holiday parties is paired with a confident woman! Isbell Jewelers is here to help you choose the perfect jewelry to accentuate your holiday ensembles! Stop by our showroom to browse our collection or be inspired by our online gallery. If you are looking for the perfect jewelry gift we can help you with that also!


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