3 Things You Should Know to Sell Your Gold

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We have been talking a lot about selling gold. Sometimes the process can be overwhelming. There are three things you should know about when preparing to sell your gold: the karat, the market value, and the buyer. Know the Karat: Karats are a unit used to measure the purity of gold alloys. The number of […]

When Should You Sell Your Gold Jewelry?

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Have you inherited gold coins or have old gold jewelry lying around that you don’t wear anymore? Maybe you have collected gold watches over the years, but only tend to wear 1 or 2 of them nowadays? Possibly you are storing some in a safety deposit box, trying to determine when the best time to […]

Isbell’s Guide to Selling Your Jewelry, Gold and other Pieces

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We have all seen the signs “We Buy Gold” or “Sell Your Jewelry” in shop windows, online, or even in a printed flyer. Images of pieces of jewelry long unworn and long forgotten in your jewelry box pop into mind and you consider letting them go….the money would be nice…but then you realize you have […]