When Should You Sell Your Gold Jewelry?

When should you sell your gold jewelry? Have you inherited gold coins or have old gold jewelry lying around that you don’t wear anymore? Maybe you have collected gold watches over the years, but only tend to wear 1 or 2 of them nowadays? Possibly you are storing some in a safety deposit box, trying to determine when the best time to sell would be. How should you consider if you are ready to sell your gold, and to whom you might want to sell it to?

When Should You Sell Your Gold Jewelry?

Determining when you should sell your gold jewelry is an easy process. While the value of your gold is based off of the current market price, the market for gold is constantly fluctuating. If you are interested in learning about the current value of your gold, you will need to consider the spot price. The spot price is the current price for which gold can be bought and sold. This price can be determined by many different factors, and is changing daily, even hourly. Over the last 50 years, the gold prices have fluctuated greatly depending on demand, inflation or deflation, and outside factors like the state of the economy.

The best rule of thumb is to retire your gold when you are in need of extra cash. Gold that sits in a drawer or safety deposit box for years and years might not make you any more money by waiting, and actually might cost you more money in the long run. You will not know the real value of those gold items until you sell them. If they don’t hold much sentimental value to you and you know ways that you could use extra cash, don’t wait years to sell them. There are better ways to grow your wealth than by holding on to your gold.

Who Should I Sell My Gold To?

            Deciding who to sell your gold to is also an important factor in this process. While there might be many online options or TV Ads that you see advertising “Cash 4 Gold” businesses, you want to be sure you choose the right buyer that will value your gold at its actual worth. Kiosks, cash 4 gold businesses or online sources rely on customer ignorance and desperation. They realize that you want cash, so they will offer you less than what your gold is actually worth. Many may not recognize the actual market worth of whatever it is that you are selling.

It is important to sell your gold jewelry and coins to local, trusted and experienced gold buyers. With the experience that many of these professionals have, your gold is guaranteed to get the most accurate and best price in the market. Professionals know how to determine the difference of worth between the variety of items that you might have. Not only do they see the value of the gold, but the value of how it was created and the purpose that it serves.

Are You Ready To Sell Your Gold Jewelry and Items?

            If you have ever wondered when should you sell your gold jewelry, let the professionals at Isbell Jewelers walk you through the process. With the years of experience that we have, we will be sure to offer you a fair price for each item of gold that you are trying to sell. Contact us today, or fill out this online form.

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