Cleaning Out Your Jewelry

What are you doing to fill up your days during this time of social distancing? A great way to take up some time and to possibly add a little bit of cash to your stash is working on cleaning out your jewelry drawer. Do you have gold, silver, diamond or antique pieces hidden in the back that you never wear anymore? Now might be the perfect time to sift through your collection and consider selling some.

Deciding what to sell:

Cleaning out your jewelry drawer can be a long process. Many times, however, we hold on to items for years that we never tend to wear. As you sort through it all you might even find some surprises that you forgot about. When you are trying to decide what to sell, it’s important to consider if you are ready to part with it. Maybe that necklace is broken, and you don’t care to go through the process of getting it repaired, or possibly those earrings are out of date. As you sort through your collection, think through these things. If it holds no emotional ties, is not something you would choose to wear any longer, or is broken, selling could be the next best step for you.

Don’t forget that jewelry isn’t the only thing that you can sell. For a list of items that could be worth selling check out this article.

Organize what is left:

Once you have sorted through all of your jewelry and decided what to keep and what to sell, it’s time to reorganize! Jewelry is one of the toughest things to keep de-cluttered, as it easily tangles, pairs get misplaced, or you lose clasps. To keep order to your jewelry drawer, consider what you wear on a daily basis, what you wear only on the weekends, and what you pick to accessorize with for special occasions. Arranging them in this order will help you access the pieces you use easiest and keep safe those that aren’t worn quite as much. A great way to learn all of the tips and tricks to de-clutter your jewelry is to try the Marie Kondo way. She offers lots of tips and tricks for organizing and decluttering.

How to sell your jewelry:

At Isbell, we will be happy to help you sell your jewelry. Even during this time where you might not be able to visit us physically, fill out this form and we will be in contact with you shortly to talk more about the items you are interested in selling. After we are able to inspect your items, we can offer you an honest assessment and possibly a payment.

Now could be the best time to start cleaning out your jewelry drawer. Parting with pieces that are out of style or aren’t as important to you anymore could be the perfect answer to getting some extra cash. If you have some pieces you would like to know the worth of, contact us today. We will walk you through the entire process.

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