Spring Into Style

As the seasons begin to change and spring begins to poke through the winter chill, you might be preparing to change out some items in your wardrobe. Keep the following in mind as you transition to spring into style! Not only do you need to begin trading your boots out for sandals, but you can also consider how to transition your jewelry. Whether it’s the colors you choose or the way you style your jewelry, your wardrobe can speak of the coming season.


While winter styles are typically neutral and toned down, spring months bring the opportunity to stand out a bit more! As you begin to fade out the winter items in your closet it is easy to mix in simple, but bold pieces that quietly hint at the change of the season. Large, simple hoops add a more playful nature to an outfit to keep it fun, but not too overbearing. Modern Pearls are a great way to incorporate a lighter tone with some of your darker transition clothing articles. Any type of solid metal jewelry is another way to begin to shift your accessories from winter to spring.

pearl stud clip on earring


Colors are one of the easiest ways to begin to spring into style! While keeping some of the winter neutrals around, you can also begin throwing in pops of color in your jewelry. As we move closer to spring, the colorful jewelry trend will begin to take off even more. Soft, pastel colors tend to be a popular choice during this time of year to slowly move from neutral to bold. The 2020 color of the year is blue, which can be the perfect tone to include in your jewelry choices to warm things up a bit with its bright and fun hues.

sterling silver diamond and aquamarine earrings




There are many ways to style your jewelry to signal the change in seasons. Styling bright-colored studs with some of your heavier winter blouses is a way to keep things subtle, but colorful. Incorporating a touch of color with a bracelet, a ring, or a pendant necklace allows you to keep your warm winter clothes on as long as need be but steps up the soon coming of a new season.

emerald and diamond pendant

Soon the air will be warmer and we will be back to wearing tanks and sandals, but in the time between there are many ways to transition your style with the turning of the seasons. Pops of color, simple but bold jewelry and styling appropriately around your light sweaters and scarves are the perfect ways to spring into style with the changing of the temperatures. Our gallery is full of options to help you plan the perfect wardrobe. Look around (online), or stop by the showroom and try some on for yourself!



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