4 Benefits of Selling Gold Jewelry

Many of you may have considered selling the gold jewelry that you no longer wear or that’s broken but stopped short of actually doing it. In today’s blog post, we are highlighting the benefits of selling gold jewelry and how simple the process actually is! 


What Jewelry Can be Sold?


Outdated styles of jewelry, broken jewelry that you don’t care to have repaired, old coins, and even silverware can all be sold. There are no minimums required, and almost any piece that you bring in can hold value. 

Any of the following could be worth a precious penny when selling:

  • Gold, silver, platinum pieces- can be broken or intact
  • Diamond and other gemstone pieces
  • Gold or silver coins
  • Earrings (both pairs and lost singles)
  • Antique/Vintage jewelry (we love this at Isbell!)
  • Miscellaneous scrap gold pieces
  • Dental gold


4 Benefits of Selling Gold Jewelry


The added dollars in your budget are one of the best benefits of selling gold jewelry and other gold items! Letting go of your broken and unwanted jewelry can help you pay an outstanding bill, cushion the savings account, or have some extra cash to splurge on something special! (Perhaps a new necklace or set of earrings from our gallery? A beautiful right-hand ring?)


At the beginning of the pandemic, the price per gold reached a historic high. The last presidential election, the development of the COVID-19 vaccine, and the government stimulus money led to a drop, but experts predict that the price will once again rise again in 2022. You may even see this rise as early as February. The time is now to go through your collection and let go of the gold that no longer serves you! 


Declutter and Simplify


Selling old gold jewelry that you no longer wear can not only fill up your wallet but can also empty out some space! Once the distracting clutter is removed, you can easily see your jewelry collection in its entirety and will be much more likely to see and wear other jewelry that was perhaps hidden under the masses. Having a beautifully organized jewelry collection makes it easier to choose what you would like to wear and know what you have when coordinating your outfits! 




Another benefit of selling gold jewelry and other items is the new space available. The space in our homes is valuable and every little bit counts. Letting go of things that are no longer serving their purpose in our lives is freeing! Whether you fill the empty space with items that you actually use or leave the space empty to help you breathe a little easier, both are wins!


Mental Release


There is a mental release that is not often talked about when letting go of things in our house. Old jewelry that is broken or perhaps held sentimental value in the past but no longer does now can be weighing on us mentally and emotionally. The desire to have it repaired weighs on us, and we feel guilt for not doing it sooner. Evaluate whether it would be more beneficial to your mental health to actually have it repaired and wear it or to let it go and make a little money. 


If the jewelry once held sentimental value to you but life has since changed, letting go of the jewelry can be an emotional release that you may not have even realized you needed. Acknowledge the feelings and role that the jewelry once played for you and then let it go! 


Reap the Benefits of Selling Gold Jewelry with Isbell!

Don’t be intimidated by the idea of selling gold jewelry and other items. Our jewelers at Isbell make the process easy and straightforward! Collect what you would like to sell and stop by our shop. Our experts will inspect your jewelry and offer a price. If the price is accepted, we can usually have a check for you that day! If you prefer a store credit that can be applied to another purchase, we can do that too. The benefits of selling gold jewelry just keep getting better and better! 


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