8 Unique Jewelry Designs for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! It’s time to secure a gift for that special someone in your life. Jewelry is the ultimate token of affection and it’s the perfect way to show your Valentine how you really feel about them. Here are a few unique jewelry designs for Valentine’s Day to inspire your gift shopping!


Iconic Hearts with a Twist!


Hearts are arguably the most iconic symbols of Valentine’s Day, so it makes perfect sense that heart-shaped jewelry is extremely popular this time of year. You don’t have to stick with traditional, simplistic hearts though. Think outside the box with something like this hand-engraved heart necklace or choose a fancy cut diamond in a heart shape! A heart-shaped diamond pendant gracing the neck of your loved one or a heart-shaped diamond ring would be a perfect gift for your Valentine! 

hand-engraved heart diamond necklace on white background
A gorgeous hand engraved heart necklace is a twist on traditional heart-shaped necklaces for Valentine’s Day!
heart-shaped diamond ring on sparkly white background
This beautiful heart-shaped diamond ring would make the perfect Valentine’s Day gift!

Red and Pink Gemstones


Reds and pinks are synonymous with Valentine’s Day because they represent love and romance. Charm your significant other with a unique necklace or ring that features red or pink gemstones. These stones encompass the Valentine’s Day theme, but will look fabulous worn any time of year! Rubies, pink sapphires, and garnets are all wonderful gemstones that symbolize love in a classic and modern way.  We love this amazing 18k ruby and diamond dinner ring or this stunning vintage garnet, pearl, and diamond ring


18k ruby and diamond dinner ring placed on an open book
A stunning 18 karat ruby and diamond dinner ring!
vintage garnet, pearl, and diamond diamond ring
Gorgeous vintage garnet, pearl, and diamond ring.

Fancy Cut Diamonds


Diamonds are gemstones that symbolize long-lasting love so they naturally make great Valentine’s Day gifts. Yes, every girl needs a pair of diamond stud earrings, but if you want to really wow your significant other with a sweet gift this year, consider picking out a ring or a pair of earrings with a fancy cut diamond! You can’t go wrong with this filigree diamond ring or this beautiful set of diamond halo drop earrings. If you want to go the extra mile to make sure your gift stands out, take a look at this custom 1.70ct diamond ring with a unique sapphire tulip setting. 


unique rectangle filigree diamond ring placed on a white lace handkerchief
This unique filigree diamond ring carries style and sophistication!
diamond halo drop earrings on a dark red background
These diamond halo drop earrings are just lovely!
custom-designed diamond and sapphire tulip setting ring with band
This custom-designed diamond with sapphires in a tulip setting is stunning and one-of-a-kind!

Vintage Jewelry


Nothing is a more unique jewelry design than vintage jewelry! Isbell carries a large collection of vintage and estate jewelry to choose from! Our vintage jewelry includes many different design eras and all are inspected for top quality. Vintage jewelry has survived for decades just like the love for your Valentine will! 

ring with vintage rectangle aquamarine set in rose gold
This vintage ring has an aquamarine gemstone set in rose gold.


vintage 1920s art deco diamond and sapphire oval ring
This vintage diamond and sapphire ring is from the 1920s Art Deco era.



Lockets are special because they give your partner the ability to carry a little reminder of you wherever they go. This 14k gold medallion locket is not only sentimental because you can place a picture inside but is stylish and trendy! Let go of the retro lockets of yesteryear and embrace an upscale and modern design!


woman wearing a white sweater and a gold medallion pendant necklace
This gorgeous gold medallion locket would be a great gift!


A Valentine’s Day Engagement! 


Of course, we can’t talk about Valentine’s Day jewelry trends and designs without mentioning engagement rings. According to the American Express Spending and Saving Tracker, nearly 6 million couples are likely to get engaged each Valentine’s Day. If you’re planning on popping the question, we have a wide assortment of unique engagement rings that are sure to delight your significant other. Our three-stone oval engagement ring or our fabulous halo engagement ring with a 2ct center stone would really wow your partner and make the moment unforgettable! 


three stone oval cut diamond engagement ring with a blue and green background
This is a 3 stone oval cut diamond engagement ring and it is breath-taking!
2 carat halo diamond engagement ring in a white ring box
A fabulous Halo engagement ring with a 2-carat center stone!


Current Trends: Paper Clip Chain Necklaces, Ring Wraps, or Right-Hand Rings! 


Choose a Valentine’s Day gift that is current with the latest trends! Paper clip chain necklaces have been trending for a while and would make a great Valentine’s Day gift. These gorgeous necklaces come in a variety of metals, lengths, and styles, so you can pick out the one that suits your partner the best. 

paper clip chain jewelry styled next to a yellow flower arrangement
These paper clip chain necklaces are a unique jewelry design for Valentine’s Day that is sure to be a hit!

Consider revamping your loved one’s wedding bands by gifting her a ring wrap! Ring wraps are additional rings that complement your original wedding ring but increase both style and function! There are countless design choices for ring wraps and they would definitely be a sentimental and unique jewelry design for Valentine’s Day!

three rings combined into one ring wrap
This ring wrap is actually three separate rings. Combined together they make a bold statement!

Right-Hand Rings, also called cocktail rings are a hot trend right now also! Women love to wear them because they are a symbol of fun and empowerment. They can be flashy and extravagant or an elegant favorite gemstone! Choose a unique right-hand ring for your Valentine that she can wear all year long and think of you! 


antique octagon sapphire and diamond right-hand ring with sparkly white background
This antique sapphire and diamond ring would be a beautiful right-hand ring!

A Custom Jewelry Design


There are no better unique jewelry designs for Valentine’s Day than the gift of custom jewelry. Here at Isbell, we specialize in creating one-of-a-kind jewelry designs that include everything from modern engagement rings to repurposed antique brooches. Whether you have a specific idea in mind or need a little help making your vision come to life, we can walk you through the process step by step. Browse our gallery for inspiration or contact us today and let’s get started on your unique jewelry design for Valentine’s Day! 

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